Meditation for Surrender

A channeled meditation by Oshira through Alaya

We would like to provide an exercise for surrender. We will call it the “pole of surrender.” You can imagine that there is a great being or a great pillar of light who is the quality of surrender. Everything of this pillar is surrender, every point, every particle, pure.

Imagine that you are watching this pillar or being come into being and form before your eyes. You can imagine yourself anywhere you like—in your home, out in nature, in your inner domain—this being-pillar looks however it does. It is helpful to imagine it as larger than you for what we would like for you to do now is walk right into it. As if you are standing under a shower or you are a ghost walking through a wall, walk into the pillar. It is still distinct from you. You can feel your body, your frequencies or the taste of your own energy and how it is different than the pillar.

Taste it. Smell it. You can feel what it feels like to your skin and other senses. How high is it above you and how low is it beneath you. See if you can imagine it as infinite. See if you can imagine it mingling with you now. As if you can see your skin becoming molecules and the surrender molecules are like a lotion that is nourishing your skin. Your skin is drinking in surrender. It is soft and it is opening you and you are luxuriating in this surrender. You are inviting and being penetrated by surrender. It is sensual and delicious and you are becoming more fluid.

You can imagine now that you are generating light from the center of your head. Just imagine it. If you have a practice of generating light in the center of your head then that is fine, imagine it is shining or spinning or whatever it does. Now it is radiating out. And you are in this cocoon, this encirclement of surrender. The rays from this light in your head are connecting with the surrender light, the particles of surrender. It is as if you are gaining information about the nature of surrender, you are entraining to surrender, pure surrender, like a primary color that cannot be broken down to anything more basic.

What is the information of surrender? You are now penetrating the surrender with your mental body in connection with your Source. You are inquiring into the quality, into this configuration of energy that your Universe offers you. It is yours to have, to take, to penetrate, to explore and to know. The rays are more frequent now from all directions, 360 degrees from within the center of your head outward. And what is happening now is that your inquiry is penetrating and understanding and informing your being, multi-dimensionally with this quality. You can decide how much you’d like to explore and know of surrender.

And now letting that go, bring your attention to your heart. As if you have a basket there that is full of flowers. As if you have warmth and radiance pulsing in your heart, as it beats to its own rhythm. And this surrender that you have received through your skin and this surrender you have gone out to take with your mind you are blending now in your heart. You are harmonizing and balancing your own molecules with this information. You are like a filter, discerning and choosing and being and receiving, an alchemist mixing the new information in with what you had before, seeing what combinations are right for you in this moment. You are weaving new colors into your heart basket and these strands and streams are beginning to circulate through your system, enriching and nourishing your blood and your organs.

You are integrating now. You are digesting and beginning to wind down, to let go of the images, to feel the sensations, to pulse in your whole body with this new life as blended with the you that you knew and know you are becoming in this moment now.

And so it is with blending. And so it is that you can look up and know yourself and meet the world again, looking out from soft clear eyes with clear intention to be connected to your Source and to be full with your own Life Force, your own blood, knowing who and what you are and allowing yourself to be informed by that which life brings.

The pillar of surrender is dissolving now in your awareness. It is now in you and as you, your matter to the degree you chose it. And you can do this again as often as you like. And you will be changed, and somehow more utterly yourself for having done it. Somehow you are more clear about your truth and your matter and your intentions for having surrendered to pure surrender, having eaten it and made it yours.

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