Your child and their pet

Many of the highly evolved children are incarnating in coordination with familiars.

My understanding is that the animal familiars help your child to hold the vast span of frequencies and consciousness they are. The animals will be with them again and again through their incarnational cycles. Either they already have been, or if this is your child’s first earth-life, these two beings –your child and their nature partner, this pet–will incarnate again and again together as a team.

This is my experience with Mango. Mango incarnated in this life as my first pet, a cat. And while not conscious of all of our incarnations, I have found many of our lifetimes together. She and I are distinct beings and yet we function like a binary star in a way. We work together.

Some of the baby spirits need their familiars in your home before you conceive, other animal companions will come after your child is earth-side and have joined your family.

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