The Littles in Human Clinic

In our sessions we have some very bright kids, our last session included a newborn and two gestating. Such a blessing. As I opened the spaces for us on Thursday, a new space inside of Human Clinic opened up. It’s a special space for the children, in resonance with the Central Spiritual Sun.

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Some intention suggestions:

Vibrational Child intentions for Human Clinic

You can shape your intention to be about anything you want, including pre-conception, pregnancy, birth prep or other things.

Here are some ideas:

To resonate with your child before you conceive so they can make a connection and come in whole and complete

To receive Divine Grace to assist you to release any obstacles in the way of your conception or holding a pregnancy

To open your heart and call your partner to you, the one who you will create a family with

To connect with your child’s guide

To have clarity about caregivers for your child (or for you if you are preconception, pregnant, etc)

To have a clear knowing of your baby’s name

To support your body’s reserves, vitality, immunity while you are pregnant

To attract the ideal school environment for your child to flourish, and to be very clear about the steps you need to take.

Energy Stability for my baby and me during my pregnancy (a few of you I know are pregnant right now–yay)!

To support my body’s reserves, vitality, immunity while you I am pregnant

Energetic stability, alignment and connection with my baby who is still in the realms of light

Unshakable clarity about My Divine Path of Motherhood, rhythm, process and timing, clear next steps

Developing my own continuum of consciousness so that I can see and welcome my child as they are at more and more levels of our beingness

To see clearly my child’s purpose and know how to best support them

To be a sanctuary for my child, to trust and know they have their own guidance as they navigate their life, to be clear about when and how much to step in or give them space as they individuate

And don’t forget Energetic Alignment for Motherhood in the School. Or the NEW! Welcome Series (with the new app!)

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