We have another upcoming blessingway for one of our Your Divine Path of Motherhood graduates from 2022 who is due in about 5 weeks.

She participated in yesterday’s Human Clinic and one of her intentions of course had to do with preparing for her birth. In the session, we weaved the sacred container and vortex of her birthing field. So many qualities and frequencies, notes and tones that support mom, baby, and all who will attend.

She is planning to invite her young child, the older sibling of incoming baby, to the birth itself.

How do you prepare your child for this?

One idea that came through during the Human Clinic is to color the field together. To have paints or crayons and to talk and color together, creating an image of a birthing field, vortex or “bubble”.

You could invite the telling of a story, and the exploration into the energy field and what would make it safe, what would feel good to your child.

Here is something that came through in the session:

At some point in your process, as you are weaving of energies and frequencies that you are doing with baby, to include ___(your other child or children) and to color or color and draw shapes and talk about the birthing field with her in this way.

What would add calm?
What would add beauty?
What would add joy?
What would make you feel comfortable?
What would make daddy feel comfortable?
What would make mommy feel comfortable?
What would help baby feel comfortable and welcome?

What else can you think of that would help you and your child feel good? To feel prepared and connected? For your child to feel included and actually to include them and their unique brand of genius?

**Update post blessingway**

Oh the blessingway was magnificent!

Our honored guest had the idea of putting art in visual range during the birth. I love this idea! To add what you created with your child so you can look upon it and so can they. Everyone in the space will receive this non-verbal co-created visual.

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