Patterns Reveal to be Evolved


How it Relates to What Your Baby or Child Needs from You


As you enter this program, you enter a field of Pure Divine Mother energy. And yet, you and everyone in this program is human, or spirit coming to be human.

What happens when a human being enters a powerful field of a type of energy?

They will begin to take on the qualities of that field, in ways that are appropriate for them. And all the ways their system is not oriented or aligned with this field, old patterns that aren’t really them, will begin to soften, open, move and either release entirely or evolve to the next expression in accordance with their divine plan.

At some point after you enter this field, at least one, if not more, layers of patterns will begin to mobilize and may get your attention in subtle or not-so-subtle ways.

We always intend safe and comfortable for your system, in ways that are digestible, in accordance with your Divine Plan and Path of Motherhood.

You can intend something like that as well.

You may become aware that the first layer of patterns is being stimulated and opening, preparing for release or preparing to go to the next evolutionary stage is moving, emerging, or emerged and in some cases, has already cleared and the next layer is emerging.

These templates, some of them will be exactly what you would love to experience. And so some great feeling interactions and feelings may be showing up in your life. Resources and support flowing to you in new ways.

And it could be, and is likely that. there will be something old and familiar that isn’t what you would most love to experience, also showing up in your life. Possibly.

What does this mean?

We have certain templates of energy and thought that are likely unconscious, but that are like little radio signals emitting and drawing like energies to us.

Some of these are patterns or imprints from your soul, and some of them are patterns or imprints from this life–the womb environment YOU gestated in (thoughts, energy, emotions and physical way of spirit in a body that your birth mother embodied).

This course is meta.

If all of your patterns are exactly as you wish, then just keep being and allowing this energy to fill you and help you embody more and expand and integrate more and more of your Source light and energy.

You are evolving your own embodiment, you are making new choices where appropriate about the patterns, imprints, thoughts, beliefs, etc that you consciously and unconsciously accepted at the time of your conception, gestation, birth and formative early years.

How might this show up?

For the patterns that are serving you, you might have more synchronicities, connections and love flowing in your life. It could feel a bit magical.

But also, I’d like to address the patterns that your soul and greater consciousness, your baby or baby beings, and your higher self, are ready to release or evolve so that you can be more you, more free.

Have you ever gone back to your family of origin, and suddenly you are acting or feeling like you used to, when you were young? And it’s almost like a cage? Like, you can’t help it. You are saying things, doing things, or feeling things you don’t identify with any longer?

What about being around a certain person? A friend or loved one or even a new person. We often choose a romantic partner because they have resonance in patterns but also because with that early love, they see our full potential, the love resonates our highest and best, and we feel great, especially in the beginning.

But then patterns may sink in and you find yourself either being the best version of yourself, or they are drawing out behaviors from you that are not really you. It’s like you are playing a role in their life script, but you don’t feel free, it’s not how you want to act.

And then the converse, which is what I invite program members to be curious about.

Since you signed up, have any interactions felt weirdly familiar to you? Anyone who is playing into your script?

These patterns are activated right now, most likely. And so the way things show up for you that might play into your beliefs about how things are for you, the way people are with you, your opportunities or disappointments.

See if you can observe and allow yourself to consider the possibility that what the world is showing you actually is not True. It’s just information and data about your beliefs, imprints, templates through which love is able to flow to you, at this time. (which is mutable, and which you will be reshaping in this program).

Source will shape to your templates.

Love will flow to you as you are open to receive.

Who you really are is Love. Who you really are is Free. Beauty.

Who your children are is Love. Free. Beauty.

And so all we humans are in this –you could call it a –predicament with one another.

As we become more free, we can see or feel or sense more and more these pulls or tugs or ways that people’s patterns may influence how we are able to love them.

And our patterns also are then dancing in that relational space.

And this is a place that Grace, Divine Grace can come through as we learn and grow together.

And as you are preparing your temple to receive a child, as you are opening to receive their light and expand yourself as their bodies develop inside of your body, or in the shared field of your energy and a birth mother’s field, as you are crafting your field and environment for their foundational beliefs to take shape (the first 6 years in human brain development–more about this later), as you are noticing the things that come out of your mouth as you are parenting, things that might cause you to say ?huh?–where did that come from??–all of this is rich, wonderful, divinely timed, PERFECT and to be embraced.

If you choose to accept this premise, if you choose to notice and observe with neutrality and self-love, and to have Grace for yourself and others,  you will have ALL the information you need to discern what your next steps are for growth, self-love, healing.

You will have ALL the information about what your child–at whatever stage of development they are in at the moment–what your child needs from you today.

Can you see it?
Does this make sense?

Your Divine Path of Motherhood Program

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