We are moving more and more into harmonious, co-creative partnership with one another and with Nature. We are moving into group work as a species.

When we gather together and listen to journeys together, the access and power is amplified.

Join a group of conscious women and men who are ready to take the next steps on their own journey to conscious parenting on Sundays this Fall 2021 Starting September 26th, with a kick-off early-bird bonus September 19th.

In response to this announcement to my list, I received the following email:

“I am 10 weeks and 3 days pregnant today! It’s a miracle 🙂 Thanks for your meditations I truly feel they helped immensely.”

I’d love to be with you starting on Sunday. I’ll be doing this regardless if the group is tiny or huge, as sacred service for the Great Orchestration at hand.


I am loving Energetic Alignment for Motherhood as well!  AND am finding that it is helping, in very significant ways, to shape the context and timing for all of the other projects that I am working on. Just beginning to see and feel that, but it feels very potent.  Am very excited to continue exploring all of this!

Will probably be participating remotely for most of the sessions of the motherhood group, but that seems to be working pretty well.

Was not able to join live on Sunday, but listened to the journey early in the week. For those who do not know me, I am a grandmother with two wonderful grandsons (8 and 4), and our family is looking forward to welcoming a granddaughter next year. I absolutely loved this journey! The feeling of cleansing old energies, traumas, beliefs – coming from our lineage, our culture, the larger civilization. Freeing ourselves, remembering the purity of our deeper, higher presence, our clear creative potential. Partnering deeply with the earth, and with these new beings who are coming in at this time. Experiencing the journey, I felt such an overwhelming sense of wonder and gratitude that we are here at this time – welcoming these beings – in a time of readiness. We are ready, these new beings are ready, the planet is ready, humanity is ready. As I take this all in, the wave, the sense of beauty and wonder and gratitude is so strong. I am just in awe – and so grateful that I chose to join with all of you on this journey at this time! Love and namaste to all! 💜


There were so many little patterns throughout my day yesterday that all showed up in this journey I did last night! I drove into work thinking about how my first instinct to join Vibrational Child was based on the fact that had a strong sense that I was carrying things from my ancestors and my childhood that I no longer needed to survive or pass along anymore. I LOVED the messaging and coaching in this about how we choose to come here to learn which is what makes you earn wisdom and there is debris that no longer serves you and you can let it crumble away. It’s exactly what I needed to hear yesterday. Right before the journey even started I found myself singing in my head “The River” by Coco Love Alcorn and the lyrics “water heal my body, water heal my soul” over and over again (which I only know to sing to Eden sometimes). So when the journey started with purifying with water, I was like “this is so cool!”. I could see water moving up my back and into my womb and perineum space with a standing wave rolling collecting all the water. Sometimes it felt fierce and sometimes I could here the gentleness of the waves as well. And the other synchronicity part was the mention of sprouts sprouting which I was looking up how to sprout seeds in a jar again like I used to do many years ago. haha. Silly but funny in my mind. The rainbow colors that came in was just so beautiful to me. I would love to even listen to this fully conscious to hear all the wonderful messages it has. This journey gave me so much strength and empowerment in choices, cocreation and embodiment.


I loved doing this journey as a class too. I wasn’t able to be live for the zoom meeting, but watched it this morning and definitely felt the energy so strong. In the beginning I was feeling very grounded, like I was getting tucked into the earth’s soil like a blanket. It was slowly calming down my mind which was going so fast. Once I was calm enough I started to feel a lot of sadness and doubt. Doubt that I will ever be able to get pregnant on my own. I couldn’t feel my baby beings in this journey. It moved a lot of emotions for me, and after the second journey we did I felt much better.

read more here – click and scroll down to see the journeys and what our group is experiencing and sharing

Will you join me?

We are going to work through the albums Preparation for Motherhood and Connect with My Baby together. We have 13 weeks and there are 22 journeys. That means we will do at least 13 journeys together. Some you may be doing on your own, and/or we may double up and listen to more than one on a given day. In the live classes, when the energy allows, often Alaya channels two journeys.

These journeys are energy transmissions and can be intense, so it’s important that you are ready to grow and have support for your physical, mental and emotional bodies should the healing Source energy flush unhealed things to the surface to be healed.

In order to participate, all you need is to own both of these albums you see below. They are great! These were recorded live with students, and will be even more powerful when we listen all together.

This is a chance to meet others from around the world who are choosing to co-create their family consciously and who are committed to being the best mom (or Dad)* they can be.

These journeys we’ll be working through were recorded live in classes. In those classes, some participants were preconception, some adopting, some pregnant, some with small children and connecting with the next one or two. All amazing, strong, gorgeous and committed to being the best mom they can be.

All to say, you are welcome wherever you are in your process.

I’ve set the container for 2 hours, that’s what the appointments say. We’ll see how much time we actually need. I’ll put you in small groups or pairs to connect, and then we’ll come back and listen to the journeys together. There is no extra cost over the cost of the albums. I’ve never done this before and am really looking forward to being together.

Let me know if you need help or have questions. I’m doing this all by hand and am figuring it out as I go. I promise I’ll help you as soon as I can and thanks for your contribution to the one work, and for your patience as I get this all together.

See you Sunday!


*honestly the journeys were taught live and tailored to people who identify with the pronouns she/her and who have an anatomical womb and ovaries. However, if you can get passed the language references to she/her/mother/womb/ovaries/breasts or anything else that may apply,  then everything is here for you regardless of who you are or how you identify. We are working at the level of the soul and Divine Self and how that interfaces with the physical body and reality.

We are journeying in the soul planes and beyond, in the inner planes where these souls are hanging out before they incarnate, as well as helping you embody more of your own light.

You’ll need to be OK with however the language has come through, and signing up indicates that this is fine for you.  These classes were taught live with individuals who identified as she/her and who were planning to create their family naturally, through IVF, IUI, adoption, surrogacy, or were already pregnant.

All are welcome.

Buy the albums and get your code for the live sessions.


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