You are on an accelerated path of growth. Really, we all are. Humans are.  But you, especially, because you are bringing through the next generation, and that generation will be more evolved. And some of the children you are welcoming into your families are leaps beyond you and me in terms of evolution.

And guess what? That means you may be called to step up your own growth even more.

We are creators, creating all the time. And we are growing fast.

Can our forms keep up with us?

We all know the physical realm is slower than other levels and aspects of our being.

What does this mean for manifestation?

When we create we then have to uncreate when we outgrow our forms, and this takes energy too. So–how do we stay in flow as we grow, especially when we are on a rapid arc, vector, stream of evolution upgrading and expansion? If we create stable forms and then outgrow them, this can slow us down in a way. Yet, we are creators and we are always growing, so how do we create in ways that fuel or support –that are part of the river that helps us flow?

This art of creating or manifesting forms that grow with us, that potentially can help contribute to the flow of our lives and our growth fascinates me.

You are a tone setter and leader of the family.

The vision of having a child starts before you conceive.

As you open your mind, heart, soul and beyond to welcome this child, you begin to harmonize and resonate in a way that includes your child’s needs, divine plan and purpose.

Do you create from this connection?

How much can you expand to include–your own Divine Self, your partner’s, your children’s purpose and Divine Self too? I know you can! If you aren’t already, see if that fits for you. If you don’t know how but have a YES! then set an intention, make a prayer and allow your next steps to come to you.

When we manifest from the level of our soul and beyond, our Divine Self or Greater Consciousness, our manifestations will be imbued with this flow and have a better chance of growing with us. Or if we do need to upgrade, stands a better chance of contributing to our flow as we release them. This is a working theory, and resonates for me.

See how this resonates for you.

From what level are you creating?

Are you consciously creating, actively joining the flow of evolution and creating forms that will grow with you?

Are you constantly creating and uncreating? If so, is that part of your purpose and joy? If that brings you joy and helps you go higher and stay in flow, then you’ve mastered something here. If this is a source of frustration or you feel imprisoned by your creations somehow, then think about how you might shift the way you are creating.

Do you create collaboratively with your partner and your child or children? If yes, at what levels are you doing this?

Are you doing it at the personality level? The soul level? From the level of your Divine Self and the way your purposes all are aligned or harmonized?

What else comes to mind?


Take a minute, jot some ideas down, meditate, vision.

What things have you created in the past that you still love? Do you have things that have stayed relevant for you?

Do you have anything in your life you need to uncreate? Where were you in your life when you created that?

You can call forth your new creations in connection with where you are going. Take a minute to connect with your future self and see if what you are currently in process of creating is a good fit, or if there are subtle or not-so-subtle adjustments you can make so that the energy you spend now to create will serve you longer.

What qualities would you love to imbue in your creations?

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