“I’ve been told that in order to truly benefit from meditation, one should stay awake.

You mention we’ll still benefit if we sleep during your meditations.

Can you explain how this works?”

Great question!

Feel free to play and experiment with different ways of working with these meditations and see what you like best. You could listen to the words, you could sit and notice all the subtle sensations, images, how your thoughts and feelings are stimulated, how they flow with the words and energy. Or you can lie down and surrender, opening to receive what is next for you.

These meditations are channeled through me from Source, and contain energy transmissions. They will help you resonate at the level of your own soul and greater consciousness. They will support your own organic evolution into your blossoming, developing your unique potential, and your process of embodying the highest aspects that are next for your human system to welcome and integrate.

If you sit alert, you’ll want to join the flow and observe your experience physically, emotionally, mentally and subtly. Let yourself follow your awareness and take a journey. The words are traveling on a river of energy. See if you can feel past the words and find the energy. The words alone may not make much sense, although sometimes the journeys are great discourses on some aspect of our evolutionary process.

When we are together in person or on a Zoom, most of my students lie down on a sofa or bed and make sure their bodies are fully supported. Because these meditations work at the level of the soul and beyond, you may receive more if you allow yourself to fully surrender, and open to receive what is next for you. And sometimes, our minds give way to the higher frequencies and we lose consciousness. You might even think you are fully conscious and hear yourself snoring! This has happened to me listening to journeys. It’s a very disorienting experience, but so cool! It’s just that we are accessing aspects of your consciousness that may be on the other side of your wake-sleep border.

You will receive what you need at these higher levels. Your soul, Divine Self and guides are in charge of this, they will help you receive what serves you next. Your soul, Divine Self and guides will help you digest and integrate.

As you come back from the meditation, notice how you feel. Find the weight of your body where you are sitting or lying, notice your breathing. See if you remember any images or aha’s that might be just on the edge of your awareness, like coming back from a dream. Some people like to have a notebook by their side, so that they can capture what they remember before it dissolves from their awareness, just like dreams do if you don’t capture them when you first wake up. You might need a bit of time to rest before returning to active, left-brained tasks.

Oftentimes, we receive any answers or guidance we seek as pure energy in these higher states. You might have impressions, see symbols, it’s possible you’ll see or hear or know direct and clear answers and guidance. It’s more likely that you’ll receive at an energy level, and over time your system will digest and organize it at the levels of the mind and personality. A day or six months later, you are washing dishes or jogging or in the bath and you receive a complete, clear aha, knowing, or thought. You know what to do and it fits right in with who you are. This is a way our soul, guides, and greater consciousness work with us and help us create our highest futures.

There may be meditations that you are drawn to over and over again. It could be that in one of our albums, there are one or two that you really love and will listen to every day for months. And then you’ll suddenly be drawn to one you never were curious about and then that is the one for a time. Trust your own way, timing, and process.

Go ahead and give them a try. There are a bunch of free streaming ones to choose from, as well as albums tailored to your journey to create a family.

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