Spirit Babies. Connecting with your baby before you conceive, adopt, or work with a surrogate is easier than you think, and I can guide you. It’s an incredibly special time. Have you worked with the free meditation yet? It’s a great place to start.

Connecting with your baby before you conceive begins to establish a foundation of mutual understanding and respect with your child or children. You can get to know your child as their pure energy signature, their essence, their purpose. You are the one who knows them the purest, the deepest, knowing the core of their being. In my view, pro-creation is a co-creation and it starts now. Before anyone else will recognizing you acting as a mom, you and I can see it differently.

Years in the future, you are the one who’ll know, when he comes to you and says, “Mom, I need to take this dance class”, you will have insight into why he is saying this. You may have seen when you knew him as pure Source light and being that a part of his greater life purpose is to embody and move, to connect with the world through his body. And you didn’t know how it would show up, but here it is, and you know what to do.

I have countless stories like this from private clients who reach out years after their children are born. They’ll remind me of something that came through in a session, and share how it’s just happened, and how they knew what to do. It’s wonderful.

Connecting with your baby in this way can be an important step to becoming a match for your child, to clearing obstacles in the way, to creating the connections you need with soul mates, health care partners, or your own body. For some people, it’s all they need or want before they conceive or adopt. And for others, it’s a potent first step on a remarkable journey of spiritual growth, building consciousness and more, beyond your wildest dreams.

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