Does the way that you embody, the way you model…

…your version of fashioning

physical, emotional, mental and spiritual material

into being human

impact or influence your child’s possibilities?

How does it all work? By what process does your child gather your material and your partner’s (or donor’s) material to craft a body?  Is it gathered randomly or in some more ordered way?

Once a soul has acquired the matter and genetic coding, what determines what gets expressed?*

Is it their consciousness pressing, extruding through what is offered, attracting through resonance as it goes? Is it the luck of the draw? Is it random? Directed consciously?

And what other patterns and templates are at play here? Is it just the physical matter, or is the incarnating soul navigating nets, soups, grids and fields of emotional and mental structures as well? Are they having to fashion their body in such a way as to “fit” into and resonate with the world they are entering?

Imagine being pure energy, and wanting to come into form as a human. And looking down at the pathway and the materials you get to play with. Like an art project.

You choose from the supplies offered and then make your art. There are infinite possibilities. You make the optimal thing you can make with the materials provided, you fill it with your energy, and you go in!

Is it like that?

Does a soul get to choose meticulously from the material and patterns offered by the egg and the sperm? How about the emotional and mental patterns offered by the one with the womb who gestates the child? What about the field consciousness held by the waiting and welcoming parent or parents, regardless of gender?

Is there some higher-order intelligence that influences the way your child makes his way to you? A higher-order intelligence that guides her process of crafting physical, emotional, mental bodies from seemingly infinite possibilities? Is it magnetic? At some point, a great surrender and allowing?

If you were to look from your child’s perspective down at the possibilities below, what would you notice? Would you see a clear pathway? Would your eye be drawn to a particular spot and say–oh right! I need to go get you some more purple paint and a glue gun! (using the art supply metaphor, obviously). Would you need to hold out your hand and help him figure out how to navigate those strange energetic structures to make his way to you?

*I am not a scientist. I have a B.S. in Biology but please do not quote me or hold me accountable for the any science here. If it serves you, please ponder these ideas as curious. A perspective to dream your child’s path to you and contemplating your role in the wonder-full co-creation. Bruce Lipton offers clarity and information about gene expression and how the womb environment influences what gets expressed. Fascinating!

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