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Alaya works in partnership with many beings of light in a great orchestration or dance having to do with Earth and Human evolution, and the co-creative partnership between Humans and beings in other dimensions, including Nature and the Stars, the Earth, Sun, and beyond. With her gifts she offers pathways for empowerment and growth to help parents welcome their children and allow them to develop, grow and flourish as the beings connected to Source that we all are.

Alaya is delighted to contribute to the paradigm shift in birthing and parenting.

What is possible when you consciously connect with your baby preconception?

You can do this! You have nothing to lose and so much wonder, love, beauty to gain.

My Story

How I got to be here with you…

by Alaya

In the late 1990’s after years of study and healing work on myself, I placed my feet with intention onto the path of service. In the beginning, I worked odd jobs to pay the bills and in the evenings and on weekends I offered channeling and energy bodywork.

People came for sessions for all kinds of things – meeting sales goals or increasing their income in quantum leaps, physical healing, emotional healing, drawing in a relationship or creating a home. Some were hungry to align with their life purpose and create their life’s work in a meaningful way. Because of my own healing journey and what I’d overcome, I attracted a lot of people who’s suffered trauma in their childhood. For them I was able to facilitate an integration of the body, mind and emotions that helped them take the next step.

At some point, I got curious about the next level of my service.

I asked my guides, “Where are the souls I’m here to serve? Who are they?” And the response was, “They are not yet incarnated.”

“What?!”  I had no idea what to do with this information. Now I laugh about it.

Puzzled, I kept working on my own healing, evolution and embodiment, and welcomed the students and clients who came.

In 2008 I began to feel energetically pregnant with my work. Something was going to change but I did not know what that meant. During this time I had a few clients who were struggling with fertility and one story ~ a woman who was 3 months pregnant and didn’t know what she was coming for a session, except she was feeling overwhelmed and was guided to see me. This is Dara’s story.

That session was pivotal in my story, as her baby became clear in my awareness immediately and showed me what he needed so that he could build his body and stay healthy until he was ready to be born.

I took these clients as I took all others, embracing them where they were. My guides and I helped with what they wanted to heal or create. At that point, I had no clue of the significance of those fertility sessions.

In 2009 in a seminar room with my teachers, meditating and minding my own business, I became aware of some beings approaching. They came closer and encircled me, I sensed them above my head. They had a delightful chirping, high-toned sound and presence. When they arrived, there was no fear, only curiosity and awareness.

They looked like tiny green fireflies. My familiar guides were also with me as these new beings said,

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to help us incarnate. Our moms are having trouble getting pregnant, they are having multiple miscarriages, we are coming in with Autism and we need your help.

In that moment there was a sense of floating timelessness and wonder as well as a rapid succession of information exchanged. I took in what they said and asked, “Why me? I am not a doctor. I am not a midwife. I do not have children.” With that, my life began flashing before my eyes. Image after image, memory after memory, I understood.

I said, “OK.” And they proceeded to download information to me about why these things were happening and what they needed from me. Remember that session I mentioned about Dara? That primed me for comprehending what these baby spirits were showing me. Another piece clicked into place.

Women began streaming into my practice seeking help with fertility and miscarriage. I discovered I could help them even when their doctors said there was no hope. And through working with women in private sessions, I became clear about shifts and patterns that they all needed, as well as learning about specific shifts and healing that in some cases was needed to overcome their obstacles so they could create their family.

This work I offer now you is the result of years integrating the information I received in 2009. In those years I have  worked with women and couples to help them get pregnant naturally or with medical assistance, to overcome multiple miscarriages and have a healthy baby, or to create a family through adoption.

While every woman and couple has a unique journey to create their family, there are processes that the guides did with every single woman, and other processes that some but not all women and couple’s needed. I began to observe why some women got pregnant or carried to term after having miscarriages and others did not.

What I know now is that my work is not for everyone. But for the women and babies that it is for, it’s needed and may be the key.

If you are here, my guess is there is a baby who needs you to have something within these virtual pages. What I know from experience is that whether you believe or know it yet, you can help him or her join the family you are co-creating. The seeds of what he or she needs are within you already.

Thanks for being here. Thanks for embarking on one of the most universal and individual, sacred journeys you can choose as a human being, sponsoring a soul and becoming a mother.

My whole body just now rippled with a wave of shivers as I thought of you. See, feel, sense our hands clasping. I am here with you now to share what I’ve learned. I am transferring my knowledge to you and holding space for you to create your family in the way that is right for you. You will receive what is yours and leave the rest. Your baby is here with us, and I welcome your baby/babies too.

I am grateful for your courage, your awareness, and your love.

I honor you.

With love,



Our Vibrational Child clients are amazing women, who have overcome major obstacles and achieved their dreams.
Here’s what some of them have to say:

  • Once I met Alaya and learned what she did I was immediately intrigued and knew I wanted to work with her. My husband and I had been trying for children for awhile. I had had several miscarriages and was open to learning how to connect with the beautiful soul of a child that I knew was waiting for us to get ready for her! Working with Alaya helped me to stay steady with my own inner knowing about becoming a mom. Alaya's connection with me and the guides laid the groundwork for meeting our daughter before she was even here. It was all so magical and so real. Working with Alaya helped me to expand my heart, my energy, and my life for my daughter. I am so grateful for the space she provided to allow that to happen.

    Danay, New York
  • I never thought I would find myself having a baby on my own!  It definitely was not the idea I had for my life; but what a sweet happy surprise to find my life now on the other side of it!!  It was an up hill battle, the hardest thing I have ever done. With being single, and all the fertility doctors telling me I had little to no chance of ever having a baby, the increasing financial burden of each IVF and miscarriages, I was often on the floor feeling alone and hopeless. Without Alaya I am not sure I would have the greatest blessing of my life, my Oliver.  She calmed me down and reassured me that he was indeed on his way. And, his very big unique personality is so much how she described.  I am forever grateful and blessed to have found her.  She is a blessing to every mom to be out there.

    Edie, Los Angeles
  • I knew I needed to work with Alaya even before I was pregnant. I had a sense that my kid had A LOT of energy and perhaps that meant I needed help expanding to be her mom. I got to meet her as a baby spirit with the help of Alaya and the guides and it was incredible to get a sense of who she was before I met her in person and be introduced to her before I was even pregnant! I think about her strong personality before she was born and how she's so much the same now. It's such a gift to know her like no one else, besides Alaya 🙂 does. I can parent her in a complete way that may really help her someday. But to back track a bit, I was very physically sick during most of my pregnancy and while there was a piece of that which was purely biological I also knew that my body was reacting to the new energetic component of connecting with our baby's big energy. I worked with Alaya every 5-6 weeks for months to help my systems integrate and expand to hold my pregnancy. I could not have navigated pregnancy without her. I'm so grateful for the help her and her guides provided for me and my family.

    Sara, Santa Monica
  • I first had a phone session with Alaya after having five failed IVF attempts in one year, including one miscarriage. My husband and I was still very much wanted a baby and were considering doing one last IVF attempt using an egg donor in a distant foreign country where we had never been, however all of the prior failed attempts had taken an emotional toll on me. I was hoping for some guidance and that is exactly what I got from Alaya.  She was very kind and compassionate about what I had been through. She was also very reassuring and supportive of me making another attempt at getting pregnant.  During our call, Alaya spoke in her own voice but was actually "channeling" the words of a spirit named Oshira, who gave me very specific information. It was during this session that I realized that my maternal grandmother, who I had never met, was actually from the country where we were going to do the IVF.  While Oshira gave no guarantees on the outcome, I came away feeling more positive that our plan made sense. Well, I am very happy to report that this IVF was successful!  I am now six months pregnant with a baby girl. I am so grateful to Alaya for giving me such amazing insight, which gave me the strength and confidence to go forward with our plan.  Her help has been invaluable to me!

    M.O., San Francisco
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