We had such fun!!!

this is past…Celebrate the 5th Anniversary with us!

In September 2017, we taught our first group long-form program, called A Clear Path to Motherhood.

This course was life-changing for many families, singles and couples creating a family where they had been blocked before from fulfilling this dream!

In honor of this anniversary, the parents who were pioneers in this program, and their children we are celebrating with a series of group sessions together on Zoom. Bringing in the Babies was the very first group experience that Alaya offered for Vibrational Child students and clients, way back in 2009! Some of the children who came through at that time are now entering High School!! How time flies.

Back then, we did them all remote, with participants joining from around the world. This pre-dates Zoom, of course! This time for Bringing in the Babies, we will meet together and do the session together on Zoom. The sessions won’t be recorded, but will be offered at a lot of different times to accommodate different time zones and lifestyles.

These energy bodywork group sessions are potent, and can help you to connect energetically with your baby in the realms of light before you conceive to help pave the way, clear obstacles and light up the runway for them. You can also be pregnant already, and tune into them while they are still inside you, creating a deeper, clearer conscious connection, and you can open pathways for connection, you can create clarity about next steps on your fertility journey or prepare for your birth, you can ripen potentials for your family coming together whether that has to do with fertility, your divine pathway to becoming a parent, adoption, surrogacy, natural conception, IVF or IUI, attracting a mate, deciding if you want to be a single parent, choosing an egg or sperm donor, calling forth care providers,  you can choose an intention that fits you– anything at all on your journey. Wherever you are in your process, that is what you can choose to focus on in these sessions.

You are welcome to attend all of these sessions.

When you sign up you’ll be added to them all, and you can come to the ones that you can attend.

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