Meet Bree, A Little Big Empath

When she was 6 months old, while I was on the phone with her mother (they live 350 miles away) Bree showed me the inside of the ear of her favorite stuffed elephant and then, her dog through the slats of her crib. Obviously this was all telepathically done.

When she was 18 months old, she almost got kicked out of daycare because she was using her spiritual vision and her energy skills to heal her daycare teacher. And at age 12, her gifts are awakening and yet, at risk of being lost and buried.

In those early sessions, Bree and I connected through her mom who was 400 miles away and on the phone with me. Bree showed me the inside of her stuffed elephant’s ear. Wondering what I was seeing, I described it to her mom who let me know it was her elephant and in the crib with her. And similarly with the dog, as Bree showed me the funny perspective view of her family dog, her mom confirmed they had a dog of that type and color.

When she was 18 months, she was in her full radiance and obviously quite new to the being-human-in-a-tiny-body-with-huge-awareness-and-skills game. Her mom was in a bit of a panic because Bree was on the verge of being kicked out of her daycare and she didn’t know what was causing so much seeming chaos around her daughter.

Bree showed me clearly her perspective of the daycare worker and how she was trying to help heal this young woman. The problem was, Bree hadn’t had enough experience yet in the physical and emotional reality of humans at this time to understand the impact of flooding her light into this woman. All good intentions, yes, but unskilled in terms of the reality of this time and place, this spot in our evolution and how to navigate being a healer. It’s changed, for one thing. For another, a lot of these kids are evolutionary. You could think of it as coming from the future back to a less conscious time where things operate differently than you are used to.

So as she flooded this woman with her light and love, this woman’s system was in crisis and she needed to eject Bree from her world in order to find calm and safety again. All of this was unconscious of course. The daycare worker had no idea what was going on.

In a matter of no-time Bree the 18-month-old baby that was connected with me telepathically, through her mother’s permission, was able to receive what I was showing her and learn.  She was able to absorb in no-time what took me at least 20 years in this life to figure out, not to mention the many lifetimes that came before.

Almost immediately everything calmed down at daycare. Bree was welcome to stay.

Last week, Bree who is now 12 and her mother came to meet me in person for the first time. She’d been having unexplained pain the doctors could not figure out. Her mother was praying about what to do to help her daughter, to ease her pain, to figure out what was going on, to help her sleep.  While gardening, she saw my face in her mind. She reached out, we spoke briefly and in 2 weeks they were in my office. Even though we hadn’t spoken in many years, she remembered what a special connection I had with Bree and how fully and immediately things would shift after a session.

We had a great chat and did some energy work and were able to get to the root of what was going on in a very short time. It’s not the same as the 18-month-old’s ability to process and integrate complex information. But it’s much faster than an adult and very different than how an adult integrates this kind of spiritual information.

Her mom reported that after a long sleep following our session, Bree woke up a new person. The pain is gone, her fear is gone, she is sleeping easily and is happy.

In addition to what was causing her pain, my view is that she needed to reconnect with her inner skills and resources at this crucial time in her development.

At 12, her hormones are beginning to kick in and she is navigating her way from her very rich inner world more and more into the social games and complexities of communication and fitting in. How does she do this and allow her natural empathy to become an asset? In Bree’s case, she sees everything, feels and knows what others are experiencing. She is an empath. How can she understand these truths of who she is and what she knows that are not yet valued or even understood in our greater society?

Do you remember this or something similar from your own childhood? Were you very sensitive too? Do you wish someone had seen and understood more about you and your inner world? If so then your kids are really lucky! But if not, don’t worry. You can be just as great a mom helping her (or him) to blossom.

As you call your baby to you and get to know her, really get to know her. Listen. Look. Seek to understand her skills and gifts, the ones that may not be as visible to everyone else. You have a unique role in holding a vision of her best self and helping her remember who she is as she navigates life. You will be the one who has known her from before, when she was pure spirit and essence. And so when the outside world gets louder, when the hormones start rushing in creating so many new sensations from the inside that can be overwhelming, you’ll be there.

Remember, she’s choosing you for a reason. You are the right mom for her and she loves you as you are!

If you haven’t already, start now, wherever you are on your journey. Begin or deepen your understanding of your child’s purpose, gifts and essence. It’s really never too late. And if you are still in the stage of creating your family, take advantage of the unique bonding time before you conceive or adopt and while you are pregnant or waiting, to really get to know your child at this level.

*This story is true but to protect her privacy, I’ve changed the name and this photo is not her. 

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