When should you start actively navigating your journey to Motherhood?

For many women, having a baby or trying to can feel like a marathon triathlon.  Sometimes women who find their way to me are in the midst of this, but not all. If you are, you are in good company. If you are not having that experience, consider yourself blessed and lucky.

I am not a big proponent of age as a barrier. Meaning, successful full-term healthy pregnancies in my practice to date have not been dependent on age. Maybe it’s because the guides and I only attract and work with people we can help. That’s likely. But where I do feel passionate about timelines and age has to do with something else. It has to do with your lead time and the kind of experience you choose to have.

Do you like a steep ramp of growth?

Some of us do. We like intensity and we like to really go for our growth. We don’t care if it means enduring prolonged periods of painful process physically, emotionally or mentally. We love the drama of it all. We have stamina. We like being tested and overcoming great odds and obstacles. We love feeling our accomplishments at the end or deeply grieving the losses. It might be that our souls want us to develop this kind of strength and ability to move through layers of unprocessed gunk as quickly as humanly possible for some reason. The only problem is that sometimes “as quickly as humanly possible” is quite slow. Or at least slower than our personalities would like.

And some of us don’t. We absolutely do not like a steep ramp of growth, thank you very much. But then we find ourselves in a situation where that is what is called for and then the only choice is to hunker down and do the work anyway because we must. It’s either that or pass on an opportunity, life experience or soul’s calling. Passing is, of course, a valid choice.

If your answer is, “Yes. I like a steep ramp of growth”, then, by all means, go ahead and wait to start preparing for your child. When I say preparing for your child, I mean the preconception work of your own growth so that you are a match for your baby. This only matters or mostly matters if you have attracted or have an agreement with one of these evolutionary kids I work with.

For some women, this prep requires only one simple shift. For others, it can be two years or more of a marathon steep ramp of expansion and integration of their own soul’s light. It all depends on what kind of karma you came in with, what your soul wants to learn, and how close of an energetic match your current level of integration is with your baby’s soul and how he or she wants or needs to incarnate healthy and whole.

Does this make sense?

It is my vision that as soon as you know you want to be a mom you start preparing. It doesn’t mean that as soon as you are ready you have to get pregnant or start trying. It just means you can grow at your own gentle pace and when you are ready to start trying, you are ready energetically.

The other benefits of this kind of upgrade in your own system is an alignment with your life’s purpose, you experience more comfort with and ability to own your authentic power, your knowing is intact, you enjoy more health and vitality, there’s a better likelihood you’ll attract an energetically matched soul mate…I could go on.

Why would you want to wait for that?

This is a much bigger orchestration that you can imagine. I have seen baby beings–their souls working strategically with the soul and multitude of guides of my client looking at timelines. How quickly and safely can my client upgrade, what is absolutely essential that needs to be done before baby can stably, wholly come in through her, how does this fit in with his or her life purpose and timeline including energetic shifts and changes on Earth and when he or she needs to be here in optimal conditions. It is a huge co-creation. The more space you can give this in my opinion, the easier and more graceful it is for all involved.

That said, I always trust when someone comes. Maybe it’s the deadline and there is just enough time to do this well. Maybe there is some cushion. Being on a timeline is an incredible motivator to actually DO the work it may require for you to grow as much as you may need to to be a match for your evolutionary kid. I’ve been teaching for about 20 years, and some of my best-ever-clients are women who long to be moms on a short timeline. Longing to be a mom is possibly the best motivator I have ever seen. It’s a genius set up by your soul.

Maybe I’m just an optimist and have a big vision fantasy (I do) that all women begin this co-creation consciously as soon as they know they want to be a mom, regardless of age. Maybe we as a culture start preparing in our late teens or 20’s, which sets up the trajectory of our lives differently. We’re a match for our highest right livelihood, our soul mate, the homes we live in, and then when we are ready, the kiddos that come to join us as a family are just the next stage of a fully embodied life.

And then really, because all the moms are so embodied and conscious, no one needs to “prepare” anymore because everyone is born and supported by their mom to be fully embodied as their authentic self, Source, soul, whole and sovereign and we’ve gracefully navigated the paradigm shift.



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