Self as Source is Key

Self as Source to me means something like: An alignment with and as your Higher Self, allowing Divine Source to flow through you unencumbered. Being as Divine Source. How do you define Divine Source? God? Goddess? All that IS? Allah? Elohim? Some other way?

Over the years I have attempted to write a book covering all of the aspects of what I have learned in my practice about what has worked for women seeking to create their family consciously. One of the things that I have wrestled with and that historically has stopped me or slowed me down comes down to inner conflict in my own knowing. While everything I share with you here comes from my experience and feels true to me, the greater truth is that everything is handled when you embody your soul and allow Source to flow to and through you, being an expression of Source in your unique way. That is the solution.

What I know is that as you build consciousness, things that seemed important or scary at one level of growth cease to have a hold on you or even matter to you at the next. Being in fluid connection as Source and as a Human Being is the solution to healing trauma and pain, to shifting your resonance enough to be a match for these evolutionary kids. It’s the key to being vital and healthy in your body.

It’s the key to overcoming fearful beliefs about lack or dissolving the illusion that you have to be in a relationship with a partner before you can have your baby. It is the key to having a fulfilling sovereign relationship, which is likely what you really desire and if you are single, why you are single. A part of you is holding out for the real thing, the where-we-are-going as a species kind of bond with another sovereign being, rather than the old model of partnership.

It’s the key to your alignment with your Divine Mission, your highest path, your ease, your grace, your peace.

The pathway to becoming Self as Source is unique to you. It has to do with overcoming the obstacles, traumas, pains and fears you have encountered on your journey in this life and other lifetimes. These things color your reality, act as a filter that is so powerful you can’t see anything else until you find and release the roots of it. And then your reality shifts, life reorganizes, and you are free or a little bit more free.

In my personal experience and in witnessing and walking alongside my clients and students, this process can take time and be quite painful. Or it can shift in an instant. I suspect that this insta-shift is going to be more and more available to us—meaning to humanity— going forward. But if you are like me, your soul and your body want to learn and understand things about being human and about earth life. And until you integrate that learning, you will keep experiencing that which brings you to the root and that which motivates you to investigate.

And if you are reading this then it’s likely your path to wholeness and source integrity-connection-embodiment has something to do with your path to motherhood. Your longing to be a mom and the path that unfolds is a gold mine for your soul’s learning and your liberation.

Your soul has brought you to this point through your strong desire to be a mom and your relationship with the baby being that may have co-conspired to nudge you to reach for this material. In my experience, there is little that motivates a woman more powerfully to grow and breakthrough these filters than her longing to be a mom, and so take it. Take the opportunity for what it is.

If you feel zeal, inspiration, wonder, follow that flow where it takes you, illuminate the corners and bumps in the road with your love and curiosity. If you feel terror, fear, sadness, anxiety, despair, hopelessness, follow that flow where it takes you. Breathe. Trust your feelings whatever they may be for they are leading you directly to the source of what you are hoping to learn, achieve. Don’t let people talk you out of your reality or shame you or make you wrong. Don’t avert your eyes from what is actually happening.

And so I share these aspects of what I have learned so that they may act as a bit of a road map. Each of them could be a key piece for your unfoldment into Self as Source. I share them on the blog, in the podcast, in group classes, in private sessions, etc. Not everything is going to light up for you, but pay attention to the things that do. You can follow each one as far as it takes you, possibly to the roots of what is binding you and preventing you from creating your family and being free as a sovereign human being.

This is the gift of these kids. Sovereignty. The new paradigm. You are capable of becoming free and becoming a match for your baby or you wouldn’t be reading this. **I don’t really care how far away it seems, or how close. It may feel like it’s on the tip of your tongue, you can sense it is just right there but there is something in the way. Or it may seem like I’m not talking to you because you’ve tried everything for years and you are losing hope. Whatever it feels like for you is perfect in this moment.

I trust that you know exactly what you need and what parts are for you. A part of you truly does. And you have a partner in your baby being, many guides in the realms of light, your own Soul and Greater Consciousness, and other human beings also on this path to help.

**This is not a guarantee. I do believe you are capable and that your being here is perfect. I do not know what your outcomes will be. There are many factors that determine your outcome, including your free will and your choice. What I do believe is that you are on a journey chosen by you and you might as well go all-in and see where it takes you.

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