You are already on a conscious path of growth and development. Suddenly you find yourself wanting to create a family. It’s new, exciting territory. You want to navigate this phase of your life consciously, too.

You know it’s going to require that you become something completely new.

How do you consciously navigate from here to there?

There are so many pro-active things you can do! Some are more fun than others. This is an easy one with a potential of fun as well as illuminating some of the blocks or obstacles you may face along the way. It can also help to smooth or dissolve some of the obstacles.

Why not connect with your future self, you after you have become a mom? Let’s do it quickly, now. You can go more deeply into this, and for now, see if it can just be easy.

If you were standing on the edge of a canyon and looking out to the other side, you might envision a future version of you, you as a mom standing there looking back.

What do you see when you look over there?

Stop reading. Close your eyes for a minute and let yourself imagine. 

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Who do I see? How old am I? Who is with me?
  • How big is the canyon?
  • Is there a feeling tone to this image? (ie. do I feel happy, relaxed, anxious, panicked).

And then ask yourself,

  • Where did this image come from?
  • Am I allowing it to form or did I manufacture it?
  • Is it really my version of motherhood, or someone else’s ideal?
  • Am I attached to what I imagined?
  • Did I try to control it?
  • Was it easy, natural, known?

Play with this and see what comes.

There are so many ways to explore and get ready and this is a quick fun one that you can do anytime. A few more ways to take this deeper:

  • Experiment with asking if there could be a bridge in the vision. When you close your eyes, see if a bridge or some other path might form. If it does, notice what it’s made of and anything else about this path that lies between you and your future self.
  • Consider that your child has a vision too. What does it look like? How does that inform your own vision? Are you able to make space for it? Does it feel good to do so?
  • Ask for blocks or obstacles to light up so you can identify them.
  • Become your future self and look back on your now-self with compassion, and share guidance.

Just to name a few. Have fun and remember you have a lot of tools already that you can bring to your process of becoming a mom.

Want to amp up your experience and go deeper with support?

There is a future self journey in Preparation for Motherhood. 

Connect with My Baby – Ask about your babies needs, connect and harmonize, get ready

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