Preparing to Receive: Honoring the Need to Let Go and Grieve

Sometimes what is next on your journey to motherhood is to grieve. You need to honor what has happened before you can open to receive what is next. A part of you may be ready for what you desire and sense is next. You know a baby being is around you and you have been ready to welcome that child into your life for some time. And yet you just can’t right now. You need to rest.

You may feel frustrated by our body’s unwillingness to move forward, or disappointed that you still feel angry or sad. You might become impatient with yourself or attract others around you who aren’t supportive.

How can you honor your own organic rhythm and the sacred transformation that can be born of your bone-soaked grief?  What will happen if you allow grief to overtake you? Will you drown? Will you come out the other side in time?

If you have experienced a miscarriage, have lost a child, or have experienced years of infertility you may need to support your system to grieve and heal before you can organically open to receive the blessing of a child through pregnancy, adoption, or surrogacy.

You may need to let go of big, deep patterns or relationships in your life in order to prepare and make space to create a family. You may need to grieve the loss of a partner who does not want children.  You may need to make peace with changing your whole life around, grieving the loss of the free young woman you are that you adore before you can step into the identity of being a mother.

You may need to let go of the way you thought your life would be in order to step into what you are becoming and how you are becoming.

What do you do if you are on a timeline? You need to grieve and that has its own rhythm and timing. You really can’t rush it.

If you are in the early phases of your fertile years, this isn’t really a time issue for you, it’s more of an allowing yourself to fully experience the grief your body and soul need to move into and through. It’s more a process of learning to deeply respect, trust and love yourself.

We get more familiar with this process, perhaps more comfortable with it as we age. Not that it’s easier, but that it’s a cycle of life we understand differently than we did 5, 10, 20 years ago. Which is sort of a catch-22 if your grieving is in the way of conception and you are in your 40’s. You know you need to be present with what is happening, but how much time can you allow yourself to be in that space? Will your partner understand? Your doctor? How about your own anxiety and sense of urgency?

Have you thought that diving into your darkness could be an important key for you?

Is it possible our souls bring us these ruptures in perfect timing? What if the need to let go, however deep and however long it takes is the next step to the most beautiful creation of your life? Could this be an important, divine next step in the greater orchestration of your journey?

What is your unique path to motherhood?

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