There are four distinct phases of connection pre-conception that I experience and witness again and again as a woman prepares to bring a child into the world. You can also listen to the podcast on this topic.

PHASE TWO: A Pathway to Your Heart

The second stage of connection with these kids I have seen is the establishment of a tube or pathway of energy to the back of your heart from the spirit of your baby to you. Again, you may or may not be aware of this, but regardless you can open to receive, nurture and help build this connection.  It seems that this heart connection is created 6 months – 3 years before conception and pregnancy.

Most commonly I see the heart connection as the first interface with the more physical aspects of your energy body, but sometimes the connection that I’ll describe in Phase 3 will come first. These two phases are somewhat interchangeable in terms of sequencing, but more often I see the heart connection set up first.

This tube of energy is a way for you and your baby to get to know each other and begin to harmonize. As I understand it,  we as women have more brain tissue in our heart than men, and much of our intuition and knowing is sourced from our heart. Because of this, this early pre-conception connection with our baby matters. Meaning, it has substance for us and feels very real. That’s because it IS real, we simply haven’t been aware of this as a culture and so there is not yet a validated way to talk about this level of connection, one you may feel and trust deeply in your heart.

During this time you are coming into vibrational alignment, making agreements, and getting to know one another. You may become aware of the child’s name during this phase, you may have dreams about the child, you may feel an urgency about finding your mate or getting pregnant during this phase.

One thing I notice that causes hesitation in some of my clients, the ones who sense the baby but aren’t quite sure if they want to have it yet, is that they are afraid that if they connect with the baby, they are committing 100% to having the child. It’s not the case. Don’t worry.

Please feel free to play and explore this connection. The more you do, the clearer you will be about what is right for you. Playing today doesn’t mean you are agreeing to have this child this year or ever. OK? Let yourself be spacious and go for it.

If you have a baby being with you, which you likely do or you wouldn’t still be reading, then get to know it. Find out why it’s here. He or she likely knows already the percentage of likelihood that incarnation will result. Sometimes they are with us for short periods of time to teach us, to open our hearts, to exchange energy with us.

If you are going to have this child, this stage is going to happen anyway so you might as well dive into it fully while it’s happening. Embrace it. Let it unfold and blossom in its own rhythm and timing. No forcing. Only allowing. And remember, just like babyhood–it won’t last forever and there is no time like the present. Savor it while you can.

Have you listened yet to our free MP3 to connect with the soul of your baby? I recommend doing that when you want to create and deepen this connection. You can also try a quick-start version of this right now:

Sit quietly, center yourself and root however you like to do and imagine a flow of energy or a stream of light from the back of your heart to your baby, and say hello. Feel a welcome from your heart, an invitation for the baby to come close. Notice how you feel, observe any emotions or sensations in your body.

You can simply rest in this connection, enjoying your experience.

Or you an ask these or other questions:

“How often to do I need to connect with you in this way?”

“Is there anything you need from me right now?”

Simply open to receive any impressions for as long as you like. When you are complete, fill your body and emotions with a sense of gratitude, and imagine this gratitude and love flowing to your baby on this stream of light that connects you. Then let it go and trust your intuition about how often to connect in this way.

Please feel free to share any experiences you may have had with this simple meditation or one of our recorded ones, any impressions or knowing you may have about this heart connection.

Let’s start this conversation. Giving voice to it can be another way to strengthen this connection you share with your baby.


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