There are four distinct phases of connection pre-conception that I experience and witness again and again as a woman prepares to bring a child into the world. You can also listen to the podcast on this topic.

PHASE ONE: A Presence in Your Energy Field

The first phase of connection pre-conception is that there are one or more baby spirits who are visibly present in your energy body/energy field. For the sake of sharing this with you, I’ll just say “baby” but I mean one or more baby spirits, souls who may incarnate as your children. You may not be aware of this ever, or you may know it deep in your bones.

In fact, you may have known or sensed this when you were a child. Maybe you placed 3 baby dolls in your doll bed, giving them names, knowing they were your children even though you were just playing and using your imagination.

A baby spirit can be hanging around you for many years, long before you are biologically or emotionally ready to have a child. He, she or they may be hanging around as early as your own childhood, or one may appear at the moment of conception. From what I have seen, there is a huge range in terms of timeline at this level of connection.

When you are ready to begin creating a family as an adult, you may have a clear sense of, “I want to have 2 children” Or “I only want one.” You may plan your timing of when to begin based on your desire or knowing about how many children you wish to have. This is likely because you are perceiving who is hanging out with you, the babies who would also like for you to be his or her mama.

If you have this knowing, and then your doctor tells you you are not going to have children for one reason or another, it can be incredibly invalidating. This dissonance between internal and external information can create a conflict in your system. Do you believe your doctor, or do you place your faith in your own knowing? How do you reconcile this?

If you’ve had this experience, this is one of the things I may be able to help you with.

A few fun facts:

Because they are in the world of energy and spirit, they have a different viewpoint and can be helpful to you. You can learn to partner with them, to collaborate.

Even at this stage, you need to be clear within yourself and with them about your boundaries. I have stories to share about my own experience of baby spirits who really really wanted to come in and weren’t really paying attention to the bigger picture. Check out Who’s Womb is is Anyway?

Some will help themselves come in simply through any man they deem has the right energy set up, whereas others are orchestrating connection with your beloved. Others are trying to get in because of their agreement with the father, and you will do just fine, thank you very much. This has to do with whether or not the baby is primarily connected to you, the father, or both of you. When you meet the mate you may feel an incredible chemistry and drive to be together, to have sex or to be together in a committed relationship.

There is a lot more to say on this topic! And I will, so stay tuned. But first I will cover the other 3 phases in the next 3 posts.


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