There are four distinct phases of connection preconception that I experience and witness again and again as a woman prepares to bring a child into the world. You can also listen to the podcast on this topic.

PHASE THREE: A Pathway to Your Head

The third stage of connection with these kids I have seen is the establishment of a tube or pathway of energy to the back of your head from the spirit of your baby to you. Again, you may or may not be aware of this, but regardless you can open to receive, nurture and support the opening and clarity of this pathway.  It seems that this head connection is created 3 months – 2 years before conception and pregnancy, and it can be instantaneous at the time of conception or exist for many years. 

Most commonly I see the heart connection as the first interface with the more physical aspects of your energy body, but sometimes the head connection comes first. I am not sure why, although it may have to do with the way you organize your energy and the place that is easiest for baby to begin making connection and getting to know you.  As far as I can tell it doesn’t matter which is first, and they can set up quickly one after the other. It’s just usually I see the heart tube much before the head tube.

Whenever I think of this connection I think of that scene in the movie the Matrix when Neo is hooked up to the training simulator into the back of his head and they download programs to him. He learns martial arts and how to fly. I loved that movie! (And Keanu). It’s not that graphic to me when I notice this connection with your baby, it’s much softer. There is a connection with the brainstem as well as with your energy centers in your head.

With this connection, you and your baby can develop a strong telepathic connection. This does not happen for everyone. And even if you aren’t conscious this is what is happening, it may be happening anyway. If you choose to embrace and dive into this consciously, you can really start to get a sense of what they may need from you.  They can get you to the right doctor, acupuncturist, have you taking herbs or folic acid so that your eggs are plump and juicy by the time you will conceive.  If it takes about 3 months of these herbs to have the desired effect on your eggs, then baby may connect here at this time and start influencing your thinking.

Do not underestimate their power to influence. This is one reason I advocate embracing this consciously, because they can be incredibly persuasive behind the scenes, influencing your cravings, desires and actions. For most of our human history I’d say and for most of us, this influence has been unconscious. We are not aware that these impressions are actually coming from the baby.

The other key piece I am aware that happens with this connection is the baby may be working with the brainstem, looking at your genetics and sorting through what he or she wants for her journey, and looking at your ancestral lineage. Please listen to the podcast on Ancestral Karma and consider our tele-calls on this topic. I will blog about this topic at some point and I’m not sure when I will get to that piece. Until then you have those two great resources. In the tele-class, I talk more about it as well as provide a meditation and energetic process to clear ancestral karma.

One of the keys I have found in infertility is that these high vibrational kids, what Doreen Virtue calls Rainbow Children and what I am calling Vibrational Children, in some cases they simply will not come in until certain patterns in our own system and in particular, in our lineage are cleared. They aren’t willing to incarnate with those patterns and will wait or not come at all until you’ve dealt with it. I’ve seen it more than once and feel passionately about this topic. It’s why I made the tele-class so accessible for everyone.

I have stories to share and so much to say about this topic and for now, suffice it to say that there is so much richness to these preconception phases and you are so lucky to be bringing consciousness here. When else are you going to have this opportunity, to play with your child in these ways, have such clear motivation to heal yourself and raise your own vibration in these ways? What a rich, beautiful time to be a woman!

I’m curious what your experiences and knowings are about this connection. Share any stories you may have and thanks for joining in the conversation.


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