There are four distinct phases of preconception connection that I witness with my fertility clients. You can also listen to the podcast on this topic.

Phase 4: A Pathway to Your Womb

The final stage of preconception which occurs 0-3 months before conception is a connecting tube or energy pathway to the back of your body in the area of your womb or second chakra. This pathway is built as you are getting close to conception.

When I see this connection intact, I know it won’t be long! Usually a woman will become pregnant within a few months once this is established, and this pathway can establish in the moment of conception with no lead time.

In some cases when more work is needed in this area, this pathway of connection exists but conception may be a year away. And the presence of this connection does not guarantee conception and pregnancy. However in most cases is a very good indicator and it’s likely that conception is imminent.

Once you are pregnant (yay!), you will begin the next phase of your journey together. Your energy connections will begin to reorganize, but this tube to your womb remains intact. In the early stages of your pregnancy, your child’s consciousness will come and go through this portal.  If you are very attuned, you may feel that baby is close, inside your body, and then feel a separation or that you can’t feel the baby. During these times you might worry that something is wrong. Most of the time, you are just perceiving this shift.

It’s completely normal for your baby to continue his or her work on the inner planes especially in the early months of pregnancy.  He’ll bring is consciousness to his developing body in key moments, staying as long as necessary.

At some point your baby’s consciousness will come in fully and stay. This timing varies as far as I can tell but it’s likely to be within the last month or two and you’ll likely feel it happening. When I’m working with a woman, the baby’s consciousness changes so much it’s wondrous. Your dreams may suddenly be different, or the way you are able to perceive, hear, sense or feel your child may shift. The shift is tangible to me. Suddenly the child’s consciousness is less accessible as pure spirit, the type of telepathy I experience is different.

The best example I can think of is one from someone in my family. Her baby would come to me at key moments during her pregnancy to give me a message to pass along, like, “you have to talk to them about circumcision,” he did not want to be circumcised. There were a few other things that he wanted to make sure they were aware of as they were making birth choices. He wasn’t around me all the time but he’d occasionally pop in with a request.

As the pregnancy continued, he came three times to insist that I come as soon as I could after his birth. He wants me to hold his feet and help him further embody. He is adamant that I come within 3 days of his being born, and told me this in the normal way he would pop into my mind to show me pictures and telepathically convey things to me. And then about a month before his due date (he’s due any day!) he came in my dreams. This was the first time he’d come to me in the dream dimension and it had a very different feeling to it. His mother was holding him and I came to see him and he turned his little body and stuck his feet in my hands. He showed me in the dream how this was going to help his body in a way he hadn’t shown me before. It was a really different communication in feeling and tone than I’d experienced the three times he came more purely as spirit.

You’ll see. And when you experience it for yourself, you’ll understand what is going on.

Please enjoy every phase and savor these transitions. Just as your child will move through all of his developmental stages as a baby and toddler and will grow up fast, so too will these phases be unique to your child and they will move from one to the next.

You might keep a journal to share early impressions and experiences with your child as he or she grows up. I can’t tell you how many times clients will remind me after their child is a year or a few years old about something we talked about during her pre-conception or early pregnancy phase. Often it’s something about her child’s purpose or unique energy signature and how she now sees it and understands it in her growing girl or boy. Knowing her child at this level empowers her as a mom. It’s a beautiful thing.

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