You’ll notice in the Vibrational Child logo it says “Fertility and Parenting in the New Paradigm.”

What does this mean to you? Share your perspective in the comments below.

For our purposes today, the baby spirits and children we are speaking of as vibrational children are evolutionary beings. They are helping us all to move into the new paradigm and stabilize there. Together we co-create this reality.

In the new paradigm, each of us is free to be fully ourselves. We no longer carry other people’s burdens, we are self-responsible. We are experts in what we are good at, what we love to do. We step into our Purpose and allow others to be different, to step into theirs. We collaborate with respect and ease. As we connect in this gridwork of light with energy flowing, all of our needs are met as a society, as a community, as a family, as a couple and as an individual. Harmony, peace, grace and other soul tones prevail.

The children that we work with are of this new paradigm. They are coming in with this gridwork set up already in their brains and genetics and soul imprints. They know who they are and what they are coming to be and to contribute.

As they begin to connect with you they can stir up the dramas, conflicts and wounds that may still exist in you simply because of the light and resonance they hold. This can affect you and can affect your partner or mate and your relationship. Hang in there and get support if you need it, because this is an opportunity to go to your next level of growth and evolution. It also may be essential if you are going to have this child.

Have you ever done a cleanse, a fast, or some kind of detox? If so,  you know that as your system releases toxins, you might feel tired or have a headache or your skin might break out. The body clears and you have symptoms that can feel like you are getting worse as your body is acclimating to the new clarity and health.

This is an analogy for what can happen at all levels in your system as you prepare to conceive and hold a pregnancy with a being who has a higher consciousness. As this higher vibration begins to touch and blend with your system, lower vibrating patterns can flush to the surface of your awareness on their way out. These patterns can exist in your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual bodies. For example, you might release or upgrade old beliefs, unhealthy ways of relating you learned from your parents. You might be ready to deal with a core issue that you came into this life to heal but haven’t figured out yet.

These kids simply are this higher resonance. If you hope to conceive and hold a pregnancy with one of these souls, you’ll be well served to allow your own healing and evolution to occur. Release your resistance to the process, let yourself come into vibrational resonance and take your rightful place in the new paradigm.

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