The first and most important step you can take as you prepare to create your family is to establish your own dynamically stable foundation. Your roots in the Earth plane and in connection with Mother Earth will be so incredibly deep and also wide, so that your sense of belonging and safety on this planet is unshakable. You know you are held in love and respect and that you have a Divine right to be in your beautiful, capable body and your creations in harmony with Nature are welcome.

You are a being of light in a body, as we all are. Your children are no different. The main difference here in most cases is that as adults we often forget our most essential nature. We forget we are light, we forget we are animal critters, and we lose sight of how these truths of who we are fit together in a dance of light and matter, of creation that is meant to be whole and remembered.

And so Self as Source also involves your connection with the Divine. I am not talking about religion. Your religion is your sacred truth and that is between you and your God. I am speaking of your connection to the parts of you that are light, to your spirit.

By having a clear sense of your own self as a critter and as a being of light, you will be prepared to connect with your child, who if you are reading this before conception, is currently, literally, a being of light.

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