“I know every single soul is poem
Written on the back of God’s hand”

~Every Single Soul Michael Franti

Oftentimes a woman arrives in my practice having confounded the medical powers that be. Maybe she’s been shuffled from specialist to specialist. Perhaps she’s moved from herbs and supplements to heavier medicine to IUI to IVF. Her doctor may have stamped her file AMA ~ Advanced Maternal Age ~ and said, “Nice try, kid. You aren’t going to be a mom in this life.”

But in her heart, in her soul, she knows there is a child with her. Right there. She can feel him, hear him, she knows him and longs to be with him.

She may have known him since she was a girl. As she played with her dolls, she named him and imagined their lives together, how she would care for him and what he’d be when he grew up.

Or this soul may have come quickly in a moment, making himself known to her, breaking her heart wide open to the possibility of motherhood and changing the course of her life.

This is our birthright. As women, this is natural. We can sense with one or more of our senses when there is a baby being in our energy field, or connected to us in one of the ways we’ve already explored discussing the phases of connection. Regardless of how conscious we are about the specifics, we know, can feel, sense, perceive the presence of our potential child or children.

You can ask a young woman how many children she wants and it’s likely she will say exactly the number of baby being souls that are currently in her energy field.

So what do we do when our culture, our medical system forgot about this, denies us, thinks we are just hormonal, delusional, desperate?

What do we do when we have forgotten how to connect, embrace and own our knowing? To stand for our Truth?

Start by choosing to remember. Just say it to yourself or out loud. Even if you aren’t sure or don’t yet trust yourself. “I am willing to remember. I am willing to trust my intuition and my knowing. I ask to connect with my baby consciously, now. I open to all manner of resources and help available to my baby and me to manifest our connection as mother and child in a way that I can know it’s there, trust it, and receive guidance as to clear next steps I can take.”

Intend to connect with your baby. Listen for your baby’s song. Her name. His energy signature. Breathe it in. Be curious. Believe that this is normal, part of your heritage as woman.

We are going to explore facets of this together. And for now, download the meditation to connect with your baby (see the right sidebar on this website). You can play with the meditations to claim motherhood and acclimate to your baby’s energy signature . You can explore this on your own too: experiment, be creative, and play.

  1.  Get centered
  2.  Connect heart to heart
  3.  Say hello (it’s OK if you feel silly or don’t trust it yet)
  4.  Ask to feel, sense, perceive your baby’s energy signature, his or her song or poem.
  5. Listen, be quiet, open to receive
  6. Trust what you get, listen to your body, trust your intuition


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