Healing and Next Steps After Miscarriage

In our Strategy of Miscarriage podcast I share how sometimes miscarriage is the best way the babies know how to create a resonance with us. So if you’ve had a miscarriage and have listened to that podcast, it would be normal to wonder,

“Is this baby going to come back?”


“What do I need to do to be ready next time?”

Today a woman asked these questions and you can scroll below to see my response.

Ultimately, the first step is to let yourself feel and grieve and rest. Let yourself simply BE. Your rupture, your experience, your feelings, your timeline are all sacred and deserve respect.

You have time to do the healing process well. If you are worried about time, try affirming something like this:

I always have enough time.

I trust my process.

I trust the way my Soul is bringing me my lessons.

I trust that I am in alignment.

I am fully supported and loved.

If this child is going to come back again, there will be enough time and support for you to allow the healing that you need to take place. If you think about it, these babies are coming from spirit and have a very different sense of time than we do. They can see shifts and processes as whole.

If this resonates for you, please be gentle with yourself and know that you will heal, you will find peace in your timing, and you are supported. You may find peace soon, like this woman in today’s note, or it may take you longer. Your way is the right way.

Love from my heart to yours as you navigate your own divine journey, embracing it all as you go as best you can.

Dear Alaya,

Two weeks ago I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl at 19 weeks old, she had passed two days earlier. I feel so much peace and love in a way and feel her closer to me than when I was pregnant even. 

I am wondering if there is a way of me knowing if she will come back and what I can do to heal and grow in the ways that I need to to best support her if she does. Which meditations and/or steps would you recommend for this? Any guidance would be deeply appreciated.

Thank you,



Dear Anonymous,

My heart is with yours. I am sorry for your loss, and hear your peace. Bless you. 

What I would recommend is to focus first on your own healing, and keep taking one step at a time toward these knowings. 

You have enough time to do this. 

You absolutely can keep connecting with her. You can ask what the higher purpose of your relationship is, what is the highest form. 

Sometimes these babies come to bring us lessons and healing, to share energy with us, to learn too about bodies and Earth, maybe that is it.

Sometimes they come to prepare us for a different soul coming next. Maybe they come to create a resonance with you so the next time they can stay with you, be a part of your family, in a body.

Sometimes they function as our guides for a time, or for a lifetime.

I’m not sure you can know 100% but you certainly can keep connecting, keep asking as you are drawn what she needs, ask your own body and system and soul what you need.

Let yourself feel what you desire and let yourself grieve. Get the support you need, this is a big deal (I know you know but sometimes it’s hard to ask for help or let yourself receive. At least for me I can think I have it all handled because I am so strong. May not be the same for you but if it is, be very gentle and kind with yourself). 

Meditations – You might want to look at www.alayaoshira.com and see if any jump out. A baby like this can activate your embodiment and higher purpose. Some thoughts and you can see what resonates:

Melt Away Your Sadness to support your grieving. 

Making Soul Choices

Body Elixir

Boundaries, Discernment and Being Source is a great foundational one. 

On the VibrationalChild site, I think the Ancestral Karma class and when you are further in your healing process, clearing your womb, ovaries and more. 

I hope this helps. 

Sending love. 

You have a lot of support, call your guides to you as you navigate this. 

With love,


Do you have a response to this? Have you lived through this? What helped you? Share your love and wisdom in the comments below. Thank you.

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