When you think about your baby, do you hear a name?

Is there a name that you have always wanted to name your child, that you used to name your dolls when you were little?

Is there a family expectation about naming your child?

Here’s the thing. There might be a name that your baby wants or even needs to have. When you come from your head and try to think of a great baby name, look at baby books, or name the child after a relative, you aren’t necessarily listening to the baby. Or are you?

Even if you aren’t consciously, intentionally listening to the baby and asking for a name preference, you may very well come up with the right name.  Before they are incarnated, babies (their souls) can be incredibly powerful in their ability to influence us.

It could be right that your child be named after your dad and his dad. Or are you forcing your own will? Giving into the expectations or pressure from others?

One of my clients, I’ll call her Gail, was a very connected, very spiritual woman. She was an old soul devoted to the study of consciousness and an accomplished painter. She lived her life dancing with Source, confidently guided by her intuition.

Gail participated in a group early on in our work with the baby beings, and my own learning curve was steep during this period. What happened for her during our first session illumined this aspect of naming that honestly hadn’t occurred to either one of us.

There was a point in our first meditation helping each woman connect with her baby when each woman is asked to listen for her child’s name. Gail was not interested in this at all, she felt she was beyond this. The thoughts she had during this part of the meditation went something like this: “I want to connect with the essence of my child, the name isn’t important to me. This is for women who aren’t as connected as I am. Can we please get to the good stuff?” She already had spiritually-oriented boy names chosen for her child.

At this moment, as Gail was having these thoughts about what a waste of time this part of the mediation was (lol), her baby comes in powerfully and clearly states, “My name is Paul.” Gail was suprised! She listened. He said, “It is important that I have a stable, biblical name, one that is well established in the Earth plane. This is essential for my purpose which involves millions of people. You must name me Paul.” He was adamant!

Gail was stunned! She was so connected and it was easy for her to understand connecting with the soul of her child, to support his clear embodiment, to support his reason for incarnating, his special gifts, all of that. She had no idea that his name would matter so much!

Like Gail, I had assumed that asking for a name in the meditation was more to please the women participating. From my perspective the guides were offering this for the women to have an experience they could be excited about, getting a name to help them connect with their baby. But the guides I work with were helping us connect with ancient wisdom, helping these souls be heard and known for who they are, for their essence, through their name.

If you are listening and intending, consciously navigating, I think you’ll choose a great name for your child. I also don’t think there is only one name that will work in most cases, but maybe a rhythm or cadence, a certain number of syllables, a certain number of consonants and vowels, a certain meaning the name carries. When you are considering names, if you don’t hear a crystal clear name like Gail did, see how the name feels to you when you say it aloud. See how it feels when you say it and think of your baby.

My point in sharing this with you is to help you tune your awareness and intention to this process of connection, intending to help your child bring him or herself fully into this life. You can support your child by being the one who sees him first, who knows who she is at essence. And by giving her a name that resonates deeply, you help him or her navigate life in alignment, seen for who she is.

Have you heard the story of the African tribe and the song of the child? This is a story I heard for the first time at a birth conference, and remembered it when this happened with Gail. Many people have written about it. You can search “African Baby Song” and find many examples of this story all over the internet.

The way that I heard this story is that in this tribe in Africa, a woman when she is ready to create her family, goes out on her own and finds a tree. She connects with the tree and with herself and all of life. She asks to connect with her child, to receive her child’s song. She then “downloads” or receives a song that is the song of her child, the essence and energy signature of the soul of her child.

This woman then returns home, and teaches her mate the song of their child, and they sing it while making love to conceive the child.

When she becomes pregnant, she teaches her midwives the song, and the midwives sing it to her and to the child when the child is born. When the child is presented to the community, the community is taught the child’s song and they all sing it together. Throughout the child’s life, this song is sung to him or her at birthdays and other key life events.

Should the child ever act out of integrity or commit a crime or sin against someone else, the community gathers around and sings the child his or her song. This is to help the soul find itself, come into alignment, remember who he or she is again, because in remembering, there is integrity and alignment and right action.

And at death, the song is sung again.

In our modern society, we have names by which we know one another, rather than songs. We know one another by our names.

How can you strengthen your connection with the soul of your baby by listening for his song, for his name?

How does it feel to think about your child’s name in this sacred way?





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