Q/A How do you know if what you are sensing is really your baby’s soul or if you are just making it up?

This morning I received a question from a reader that I know many of you have.

She wrote:

For more than 2years I have this desire to have twin boys. As a matter of fact there are so many obstacles like health problems and age. Please give me guidance whether it is just a feeling or indeed the souls trying to connect? Your input is so much appreciated.

My reply:

I find that almost always a woman’s knowing, imagining is accurate when it comes to her potential children. My recommendation is to trust yourself and do whatever it takes to heal yourself.

I think there is a reality about physical age but depending on how old you are it can definitely still be possible. I have helped women in their early-mid 40’s who are told by medical doctors it’s too late to successfully become moms. I am aware of women in their late 40’s who have successfully born healthy children. I have a feeling we are going to be seeing more of this, and just spoke with a medical doctor on this very topic yesterday.

Have you downloaded the free meditation to connect with your baby’s soul?

If not, do that and practice it daily for a week and ask for clear next steps.

Also, be sure to read on the blog about the phases of connection before conception. These boys are likely in your energy body. Not all babies in the energy body will come to be, but I say don’t worry if it’s just a feeling.

We women navigate our guidance with our feelings and it’s important to trust ourselves. I hope this helps. I can’t say for sure what your fertility is like or whether these boys will be your children, but I have seen women who are very committed and clear overcome the obstacles.

Know that its normal to wonder if what you are sensing and perceiving is real. If you are wondering the same thing, you are not alone. This is a cornerstone to how I help women. A part of the journey to motherhood, especially with these evolutionary kids, is developing your own guidance system. You have the worthy task of embodying your own soul’s light as best you can, getting really centered and grounded, and getting to know your own guidance system. These accomplishments will serve you on your journey as a mom if you become a mom, and will serve you as you fulfill your larger purpose whether or not you become a mom.

One of the main ingredients I witness in the women I help who become moms is they are tenacious, committed, and clear about what they want. I recommend you take your feelings, your questions, the mystery that is before you and dive in deep, strong and without reservation. Just go for it and see what appears next on your path. One step at a time. You can do it.

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