Motherhood is a Tone of Leadership

Any leader must set a tone, a stable emanation of Truth as it flows through her so that those who follow her can find it, can come into alignment with it, and embody the teachings, principles or actions.

If the leader is a war general, then that general must be the clearest, strongest, most committed one in the group. He is the one who sees the vision and holds this tone so that the soldiers of their own volition fall into line, listen to orders, show up with discipline, and work together. Their survival depends on it.

If the leader is a teacher, then that teacher must so fully embody the principles she is teaching so that as students are learning, they do not pull the teacher out of alignment. The teacher holds the highest vision of the student steady, sees the potential in the student and focuses on that, all while maintaining clear boundaries and a steady tone of her own soul, her own knowing, and the material that she is here to share through her emanation and teaching.

It is no different with motherhood. As a mother, the better you are at setting this stable tone of leadership, the more effective you will be. Your child is counting on you to show up as your best self, embodied as your soul, holding your stable tone.

As he or she grows up, your child will embody his own tone clearly because of the template and the resonance of yours. He will not become you, but in your presence will know himself. Your daughter will learn her value, her boundaries, her purpose, her authentic power. Your son will become embodied as the kind of man he came to be with integrity, strength, wisdom and compassion.

Your ability to see your child from the clear eyes of your soul, in your clear center will not only through resonance assist your child to blossom into his best self, it will help you see where his development lies. Like any good teacher, you will know what he or she needs for her highest good and next steps in her own embodiment. You stay in your center, and in doing so, help them find and stay in theirs.

There are levels at which this applies. There is the level of the pure light of your soul and greater consciousness for you to embody and hold clear and steady. And there are the levels of mental, physical and emotional to bring into alignment as you embody.

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