Centering Meditation

By Oshira through Alaya

Let’s take a moment and center and connect as souls, and start our day in this way together. Breathe and rest and feel your hips supported. You might already have a sense of your soul and your higher self, maybe even your guides. You might start to have a sense of the energy that we’re in together that’s bigger than us. So inside of that context, good, just letting yourself be in your body. Seeing if you can allow the diaphragm to relax and open and breathe freely. Good, you might imagine a golden sun above your head that is your energy, your Source streaming, trickling, showering down upon you.


Then allow yourself to ground however you like to ground. You can imagine that your root chakra is somehow in connection with the Earth’s root chakra. That everything that is not yours is releasing, and all the energy that is yours is returning to you. You could imagine a wide skirt or deep roots, rivers and streams of energy moving from your root or pelvis into the Earth beneath you, in dynamic exchange with the Earth.

Our home is here for a time, in these bodies. And as you’re allowing yourself to ground and release, open to receive the light of your own soul, even more. Breathing in the quality, the notes and the tones of safety, the qualities of trust. You might think about the tone of gravity –and we find this to be a very nice way to ground because you are focusing on the tone of gravity, you are focusing on the aspect of the Earth’s energy that is incredibly reliable, stable, and that even though there are a lot of changes happening in the Earth’s body, that if you’re grounding in a way that might even feel unstable, that adding in your awareness about the tone of gravity can be very stabilizing and helpful. And also can help amplify some of the tones within you that are true to your essence, that are your home frequencies.

Good, so just breathing, relaxing your shoulders and hips, having that sense of that golden sun above you. You can bring that sun down around your body if you want, like pulling it over your head and along your body like a cone of light, or you can leave it up there. Or something else that works for you.

Just bringing your awareness to your heart. Having a sense that it is safe to learn this material. That you will learn just a perfect amount and that you’ll have time to digest, you’ll have recordings to listen to again. And that you don’t need to push yourself, that you might be ready to fully open your heart and receive this information, and forgive everything about yourself and others that has ever caused you pain.

Or it might be more of a teasing, or untangling, or gentle unfolding, blossoming. Just let that be okay, whatever is right for you. That you are here to learn, that your heart and mind and body are open to the information and energies that are right for you, good, That which is safe and comfortable for your own system to receive and to digest.


Having a sense of your own personal boundary, and you can think about your skin as one level of your boundary, and also the auric level closer to your skin, but energy boundary, clear, balanced, luminous, whole.

And just having that sense that you have all your needs met inside of this abundant, rich place that is you, where you are stably, connected as a being on Earth and also very clearly accessing this infinite Source that is you.

You have a sense of your own energy signature and your own boundary. And from that place of wholeness, just lifting your awareness however you do, perhaps having an awareness at the level of your heart, that you begin to be aware of the others who are centering in this way.

And just recognizing that you can stay centered, and also be aware of these other beings, kindred spirits, souls on the journey just like you.

Feeling that joy, that curiosity, and that tone of respect, that tone of trust. Everyone here for their own purpose, their own learning, their own growth and healing, and recognizing one another also as leaders, as teachers. That as you are very centered and in your own energy and as these other beings are also holding themselves responsibly in this way, kindly in this way. Each having their own experience that is also true that together as a group of souls you are learning together. That you contribute to one another’s learning, simply in the field by the way that you digest the energy that you’re teaching one another about other people.

So simply being in the space with these other souls, you have an opportunity at the level of energy to expand your capacity for compassion, and to help educate and build consciousness around perspective and human frailty and human love. Just acknowledging that, acknowledging each being for their own perfection and beauty, and allow yourself to receive that respect, that acknowledgment for yourself as well.


Just breathing. Feeling that support of the surface where you sit or lie, really feeling your body being held. Thanking your body and thanking all the aspects of your personality who are showing up, who are curious, and just letting them know they are safe.


Very good.

Copyright Alaya 2016 Adapted from Forgiveness Online Course by Oshira through Alaya

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