When Did You Decide to Be a Mom?

When did you decide you wanted to be a mom? Have you always known? Was it when you were a little girl? Did the idea slowly overtake you like a fuzzy picture coming into focus sometime in your adulthood? Was it a flash of inspiration or knowing, a spark in your heart, body or mind and suddenly you were on a new path? Did you welcome it? Did you resist?

Think about when and how you came to this decision and desire, knowing you want to be a mom. Think about where you were, what it felt like, who was around you.

If it has always been, notice that. And if you are with someone who really wants to have a child and you aren’t sure, or perhaps you are pregnant and full of conflicting thoughts and feelings, simply notice what that is like for you.

Are you aware of a baby spirit around you? Is it a vague sense, a clear knowing, a new idea? When we take a look at the phases of connection before conception, think again about how you came to this awareness and decision. If you are reading this now, you most likely are connected already to at least one baby spirit, and together we will explore this connection more fully.

Regardless of your degree of congruence about having this child, inside of you is a knowing of what lies ahead, but this knowing is not intellectual.  You know it is not something you can control or plan. Your feminine wisdom understands deep mystery and the nature of life as unpredictable. There is so much of yourself yet to explore, and when you bring another being into the system, everything will move much faster. It is not additive in terms of the amount of energy and flow and chaos and love there will be in the system, it is synergistic.

Alison Armstrong says that human animal craves a baby, but it’s human spirit that wants a teenager. We are all hard wired for personal survival as well as survival of the species. There is a bit about this in the Whose Womb is it Anyway podcast, you can check that out if you are curious. The part of you that aches to have a baby could simply be animal instinct. Even if it is, that is fine as long as you are consciously choosing that as how you want to spend your time and energy.

For most of you reading this blog however, there is a different call. You feel called  to unite with a specific soul and can’t wait to be together in form in this life. You want to expand your ability to love and stretch open into the best version of yourself. You are committed to providing the best possible environment in which your child can thrive. You want to dive in with your whole being and take the ride with all it’s inherent risks, you are ready.

When did you know?

Are you clear or are you still deciding?

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