Do you have a strong, clear sense that there is a child that you are connected with, your child?

Whether you desire conscious conception, are working with fertility challenges, or are experiencing ambivalence, this meditation can help you create clarity for yourself and deeper connection with your child.

In this meditation, you have the opportunity to:

  • Clear your ovaries
  • Experience your baby connecting with your ovaries
  • Build a pathway of connection between your mind and your child’s mind
  • Build a pathway of connection between your heart and your child’s heart
  • Experience your baby resting on your chest and belly.
  • Claim motherhood, really take a stand for becoming a mom
  • Eliminate doubt and ambivalence

I had a chance to listen to the audio last night- it was amazing! So perfect for where I’m at right now. I listened to it again when I first woke up this morning, and I anticipate listening many times over to tune in to the vibration of being a mother.
~Melissa Kitto, Communicate with Angels

“Thank you so much for doing this one!  The timing is just perfect, as I am really gearing up for this Spring’s planetary shifts, which you mention in the meditation. I’ve listened twice and it has generated a lot of positive imagery and energy for me.  The first thing that pops into my head is an image of a fetus.  It happened last night and today. 

Also, my daughter is very much present and sits by my side when I listen to the meditation, very intent on the dark-haired baby with us.  She is tied very strongly, energetically, to this whole process.  I find it fascinating, although I don’t quite understand it.  Her energy is so intense and strong, it makes me proud to think I helped bring her into this world.” –Anonymous, Boston MA

*Results are not guaranteed and may vary. The guides and I are not doctors or storks. Let us know how it goes for you! Mwah.

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