To me, an aspect of mothering begins the moment you decide to become a mom. If your sex is biologically female, this latent potential of being a mom has been with you always, simply because of the body you were born with.

When you decide to become a mom, this potential begins to awaken. And from that moment, you can make choices to gracefully navigate what is a major transition and initiation for a biological woman.

What if you are not biologically female, but you long to be a mother? Ever person has their own unique and Divine Path to Motherhood. Whether it is through adoption, surrogacy, medical intervention, through partnering with someone who has a child, that potential within you will awaken and develop in ways that are yours. This is an identity and role shift for all who choose it.

You can make choices to pave the way for your child and you to enjoy a strong clear connection. You can create a welcoming environment for your child so that he or she is known and seen for who they are, coming into the human experience with this as a starting point.

Get to know your child’s unique signature

In my work with individuals and couples pre-conception, I watch them as they discover unique energy signatures and traits of their baby being. Their baby’s spirit might have a fascination with how thing work, a scientific way of being. She might have great wisdom and compassion. He might really want to learn about the human body, or about cultures around the world.

During pre-conception sessions and connections, you can begin to experience the flavor, essence, and particularities of your baby being. These things will become familiar, and you may think, “All babies must be this way.” But I assure you, they are not. There are some similarities I’ve noticed when working with these evolutionary souls, some of that is shared in the blog and podcast, some we discuss in programs or private sessions. But without exception, each baby being I have had the privilege of connecting with has a unique signature and the seeds of what later shows up in the personality.

In my experience, connecting with the soul of the baby and his or her essence has a different feel to it than connecting with them once they are in utero or after they are born. It’s not a subtle difference for me. And so for me, these pre-conception phases are just as precious as the stages of pregnancy or of a child’s development. Moms and dads talk about how time flies and before you know it your kids are in high school or off to college. Every stage is precious as they reach milestones of height and weight, learn to walk and talk, go to kindergarten, etc. From my perspective, there is an oft-missed opportunity to connect purely with your child before you conceive and to get to know their essence.

Why would you want to do this?

Think about this for yourself, you might have a reason not listed here. Here are a few reasons also to consider:

  • For the entirety of your child’s life, you will be at least one great ally, one person your child can rely on to remember, know and see her when she is lost or confused, or when she wins the nobel prize.
  • At certain choice points or developmental stages you will have insight into the highest path for your child, rooted in understanding your child’s essence and life purpose
  • You will be able to discern when your child is throwing a fit about something versus claiming a truth that no one else can see. For example, “Mommy, I DO NOT want to go to that school. I NEED to go to this school. I NEED to dance.”
  • It’s fun, it’s possible, so why wouldn’t you?

Understanding your child’s essence is only one reason to establish a conscious connection and bond with your baby before you conceive. In my opinion, it’s a great one.

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