Money is Pure

Money is energy in the earth plane. It flows. It is always available for you.

Does your foundation and system allow it to flow freely to and from you? Are your channels of giving and receiving clear?

Have you ever said, thought or felt, “I would love to do that but I can’t afford it.”

I have. And I have studied money as energy for a very long time. It’s actually something that ushered me onto the path of growth toward awakening my light body and becoming a teacher, a channel. The book Creating Money by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer literally jumped off a shelf at me in a bookstore in Seattle in the mid 90’s. (dating myself!)

What flowed from that? My life’s work. Loving my work. An expression of my authentic self. For me there is no greater pleasure than working in partnership with light beings, co-creating with light and helping other people to create their family, their life, their home, fulfill their own world service and life purpose, understand and awaken their gifts, etc, learning as I go.

When someone opens to receive your gifts, it allows you to give from your authentic self. When you receive what they give you as money or barter, that allows them to use the energy you give to grow, to create, to thrive and prosper. A flow is established. There is a balance and purity of exchange. Everyone wins.

The problem is, or one of them, is that we humans have tangled up emotions, power, control, all twisted up with money. It’s learned. But it can be unlearned. The soul level and beyond are ultimately more powerful and can dissolve these tangles.

What I believe is that if you were drawn into the Vibrational Child world, then you are already a mom to, or likely about to become a mom to a very special soul or souls. And that your child has a role in humanity’s evolution. And therefore, so do you.

Can you think of any reason at all that you would not be supported to fulfill that role? If it is part of the divine plan, in alignment with the divine order, is there any reason you would not have everything you need?

The only thing I can think of is that there is some twisty block that wants to untangle in the light and love of your soul and greater consciousness. And that is a beautiful thing to pursue and allow. And if it shows up as a block of not-enough-money then great! At least we know what “symptom” to watch to track your progress. We have a place to look, to start, and to focus to assist you as you unfurl into your next level of authentic expression and creation.

I promise you it is not really about money. Money itself is pure.

For deeper study around pure manifestation and creating from the highest levels of your being, try Manifesting Skills.

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