What are a few of your favorite things?

If you were no longer in a body, what would you miss?

This morning, making coffee, I thought, “I would miss this.” The routine, the smell, the anticipation of the taste and the feeling in my body from drinking coffee. Mornings might be my favorite time of day and I just love enjoying everything about my coffee routine.

And bird song, my dog’s soft fur, her particular enthusiasm when she is exploring, her sweet smile when she is happy; the variety of trees in my neighborhood, the cacophony of wild parrots as I work outside, the way the light illuminates and shines through palm trees at different times of the day…

What are some of your favorite things?

As you go about your day, notice what brings you joy or pleasure, the things you find particularly beautiful. Connect with your baby’s soul and share a few of your favorite things. Let him or her sense, feel, perceive through you these subtle (or not so subtle) raptures of being human.

Write a love letter to your baby. Use your senses to describe how things look and feel to you, how your favorite music sounds, your favorite flower smells. Invite them into a physical experience, share with them the energy of what you most love about being in a body.


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