Claiming Motherhood: Fertility and Resonance

A Meditation By Oshira through Alaya

Good and welcome. We are delighted to have the opportunity to speak with you about motherhood, to speak with you about the journey that you are choosing to embark on to become a mother, perhaps you have dreamed for many years about creating your own family and your desire and longing is strong and steady in your heart.

What needs to happen for you to fall into the identity of mother?

How is it that you need to shift?

What do you need to open up in order to become a mother?

Bring your awareness to your physical body now, seated or lying comfortably, taking a couple of deep breaths and allowing your body to sink into the feeling of being held and supported.

Think about the Earth beneath you.


Think about how fertile the Earth is. That when you prepare the soil and plant a seed this seed grows and there is fruit or flowers. Bring your awareness to your hips, having an image now that there are streams and rivers of energy flowing between you and the Earth that you could think of yourself as the trunk of a tree with flowing nutrients coming up from the Earth into your system, nourishing your organs, good, filling you with love and nutrition.

And there is another river of flow that moves down through your body into the Earth which both allows you to release energy and information that you have digested and no longer need and that by doing this you are providing the Earth with information and raw material that she uses to create.

And so you are engaged in this exchange of energy, this dynamic creation of life force with the Earth all the time and that you can choose to open, to be more conscious of this dynamic exchange and because of the planetary shifts that are happening now this type of energy exchange and openness will assist your body to be tuned to the shifts, to be in harmony with the Earth, to be balanced and healthy as an organization of consciousness and Earth matter that your cells are nourished in this information exchange with the Earth.

Feeling held now, feeling what you might call grounded, supported. Knowing deep within yourself that this stable tone of gravity is always available no matter what is happening, no matter what you hear about your fertility, no matter what you hear about circumstances that might be in the way of having a child, no matter what.

You can tap in to this unlimited resource, abundant and fertile, consistent, stable, clear and strong. And you can know as you begin to feel this tone in your own body, the way that you feel held or grounded or stable that you too have this fertility, this stability, this abundance, this clarity that you can begin to know yourself as the provider of a steady tone, as a being who embodies consistency and presence, nourishment and release. And that these qualities are essential for mothering. That with these qualities, with the health and the alignment in your body you are able to foster life that the seeds that are planted within you may grow their fruit and flower.

Bring your awareness now to your ovaries as if you could cup each ovary with hands of light. You might imagine that there are angels now surrounding your body and that they are cupping your ovaries, perhaps they are singing songs to you and that your cells are beginning to resonate and to sing the song of the angels. Good.

And your hips relax, and your ovaries relax, and begin to release any fogs or mists, any emotional material that may have accumulated – just letting it go, allowing these radiant hands of light to sooth, to awaken, to clear the ovaries.

Bringing your awareness to your right ovary now, just realizing how grateful, how happy this ovary is becoming. Good.

Feeling joy in your body at the thought of creating a baby, of inviting a soul to come and join you, to share the matter of your body, to be nurtured and held and sustained inside of your body. Good.

Bringing your awareness now to your left ovary. And feeling the joy, the clarity, perhaps the confidence and seeing if you can notice any other qualities that you perceive.

And once again thinking of the joy of calling forth your baby, as if the baby is being drawn even more closely to your physical self, your physical body and that there is a pathway opening up, a dialog opening between your child and the eggs inside of your ovaries, the child is having the opportunity to penetrate your eggs, developing the eggs that have the genetic material that this child desires. Good.

Allowing the angels to support your lower back and spine as if you are being gently lowered onto a soft, plush surface perhaps outside in the grass, your skin warmed by the sun. Good.

Very good, bringing your awareness to your mind`s eye, having the thought of your child, feeling the joy of being together perhaps imagining a scene where you are together holding the child or running in a field of flowers together when the child is a little bit older. Allowing this child to connect with you here.

And if you like you can bring your awareness to your heart as if your heart is a little seed of light that is golden that begins to vibrate and glow and that you invite the child to connect here that you have a dialog going. It is almost as if you are flirting with the child:

Come play with me here.

Come connect with my heart.

Let`s dance.

Let`s get to know one another.


And connecting this feeling in your heart and your mind with this powerful, stable, abundant, and fertile sensation in your ovaries, and your uterus, and your hips, your pelvis, your lower back. Good.

And as you lay in the grass allowing the angels to tend to you, to sooth you, to support you, enjoying the sensations in your body, the feeling of abundance and fertility, the joy and feeling of possibility, the connection with this child.


And allowing, if it is something that you both desire, allowing for the child to rest on your belly as if you could feel the weight of this child on your chest holding, cradling the child as you lay down.

As if you could smell the baby, feeling the soft, delicate skin, hearing the gentle cues, feeling tears of joy, gratitude, love so large and unbound that your heart is so open; the joy in your system is total, complete, emanating from every cell of your body.

I am a mother.

I am a mother.

I embrace my child.

I embrace the love, the joy.

I embrace this child`s energy, I embrace this child`s body, and I embrace this child`s purpose.

I choose to stand clearly in my desire and readiness for motherhood.

I claim the identity of mother.

Very good. Very good.

So allowing this child to communicate with you heart-to-heart, mind-to-mind. Open as if to surrender in rapture to the consciousness and presence of this child in your life. Feel the yes throughout your whole body, feel the yes flowing down into the Earth, feel the yes in every cell of your body.

I choose motherhood.

I am ready.

And I am so filled with joy and gratitude.

I can`t wait to hold you in my arms.

I can feel you already.

Good. Enjoying these sensations. Good.

Bringing your awareness once again to your body, being held, lovingly tended by angels, supported by gravity, letting go, letting yourself exhale and let go of any tension, opening to this child, allowing your desire to flow freely through your system, allowing these angels to assist you in acclimating and becoming. Very good.

Enjoying these connections, allowing yourself to imagine a clear and luminous boundary about you. And you may notice that with the child’s presence that your energy boundary is more expanded. Just allowing yourself to let this energy body of yours be as expanded as it wants to be, allowing these angels and guides to assist you in acclimating to this degree of expansion, feeling your connection to the Earth, your connection to yourself and to this child and your clear, complete and whole luminous boundary.

Enjoying, resting and integrating. Taking as much time as you like.

And with that for now we wish you so much joy and pleasure on your journey.

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Copyright Alaya 2012

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