Today I want to share with you a quick case study, a case study having to do with the impact of sharing an energy body, emotions and thoughts with your baby in your womb and the way your patterns imprint on your baby.

Could your unhealed patterns impact your child for the rest of her life?

What would this look like?

The story in today’s post is an example of a real human life impacted by her mother’s patterns and how she experienced them in utero.

We ALL have patterns and unhealed aspects. It’s part of being human. There are layers and layers of this and we all digest and move through the layers at our own pace and timing.  So don’t be hard on yourself. But do be aware.

What if you could clear some of the patterns before conception or birth and give your child that much more of a clear, fresh start?

How can you move into your role as a mom with your heart open wide to your own humanity, in a way that clears the path for your child?

This is a story about a client, an amazing woman in her late 30s. As soon as I got off the phone with her, I realized I needed to share this with you because it’s such a great living example of some of the things that Oshira and I work with and talk about.

You wouldn’t be reading to this if you weren’t already committed to your healing and your growth and preparing to be the best parent you can be. I assume that about you, that you’re really going for it, and that you’re really committed.

There’s so much in our own healing journey that’s unconscious, so I also acknowledge that, that there are some things we just aren’t aware of until we’re aware of them. It’s impossible or at least really hard to heal things that we’re not even aware of.

We’re all doing the best we can and none of us is perfect.

You can understand the mechanics, the impact of some of the choices that we make, and the importance of doing as much as you can to embody your own soul, to really get clear in your emotional and mental bodies, and to set a tone that is very welcoming and very conducive to your child’s flourishing when he or she is in your womb.

You can read to this from the perspective of being a woman or a man who is really committed to healing and growth, and you can read this from the perspective of human evolution, your child coming and what their experience might be like.

It’s not widely acknowledged that there’s consciousness in the womb or that our own thoughts and beliefs and the way that we organize our energy is going to impact our child.

The reality is it’s so important, and it’s so the way that we learn as human beings to survive is we map to our parents’ patterns.

My client, a successful professional woman in her late 30s, had had a string of really bad luck. She came to a session because she was just exasperated.

What am I doing wrong?

I’m attracting all of this abuse in the form of intimate relationships.

Someone just ruined my house and stole from me.

I can’t live like this anymore, and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

We first looked at her energy body. Usually that our energy bodies are some version of egg-like, the shape of an egg or a cocoon, white or golden light, balanced, we’re in the middle of it.

Hers was more like one of those balloons that clowns use to make balloon animals, so it was very elongated and thin, and very top heavy, so really none of that length of the balloon was going into the Earth or around her legs. It was really tight and close in the body for her torso and then just very, very high above her head.

We looked at why she had done this.

Was it helping her come into her own body?

Did she feel safe this way?

Could she be nourished by the Earth,have her soul, her energy, her power in her body and her life and attract healthy relationships?

It became really clear that this is what she learned from her mom. This was the way her mom had organized her own energy.

As we got into the session and we looked at why she had organized it that way, it became really clear that that’s what she learned from her mom. This was the way her mom had organized her energy.

It just had never shifted for my client. She hadn’t been ready to see it or let it go. She was so tied up in survival, so tied up in her understanding of what it meant to be a woman and what it meant to be a human being, not consciously, of course.

She took on from her mom the way you’re supposed to be in a body: you organize your energy this way.

But it wasn’t working for her. It wasn’t the way she needed to be organized.

We helped her reorganize that and also helped her work with teasing out some of the emotional matter from her body and upgrading some of her mental thoughts and beliefs. It was a really beautiful experience with her.

After the session, one of the things that she shared was that while we were working, she was remembering and having all of these thoughts about being in the womb, and the thoughts of,

“It’s not safe to be in a body. I’m going to get attacked. I have nowhere to go. It’s not safe here on Earth,” a lot of fear and a lot of thoughts about being attacked and not being safe.

She shared with me that her mother had been repeatedly sexually abused when she was a child. When the mother was a child, the mother had been abused and had never known how to heal herself. She just carried those wounds with her.

In a lot of cases, as I see, a lot of women who’s been sexually abused actually are unable to get pregnant. It’s one of the things that women often need to heal and clear before they’re able to conceive.

My client’s mother was able to, and many women who were abused are able to have a baby. Her fears and her patterning of not being safe in her own body and always worrying about being attacked were transferred to her baby, my client, who in her late 30s still was carrying around unconsciously these beliefs and ways of organizing her energy. They really weren’t hers. They were just things that she mapped to in order to survive and fit into her family.

She’s now able to liberate herself from those choices and make new choices, which is fantastic.

You can always heal yourself of these things. Not like it’s really easy to do… because you would’ve already done it if it was really easy to do, but it is possible, and it can be easy and graceful.

Have an understanding of how important it is to spend the time and the effort to do as much as you can to support your own system, to shift from the seat of the ego to the seat of the soul, to clear and heal the emotions, and clear the mental body, and organize your own energy in a way that supports soul embodiment, that supports you to be all of who you came to be in your body before you conceive so that you can share that template and that information with your child.

I hope that that clarifies a bit about when I talk about sharing an energy body or the ways that thoughts and experiences can be transferred to the baby in the womb, and just how it important it is how connected we are.

Clearing these patterns is for both of you- you and your baby- to be fully embodied and free. 

Consciousness and human beings are so just fascinating, and beautiful, and amazing to me.

I wish you grace as you navigate your own journey and possibility for your own healing, and for an amazing pregnancy, and giving your child the best possible start that he or she can have.

Thanks for being a part of this evolutionary work of really showing up for ourselves and our kids, and creating a planet populated with conscious beings.

Listen to the podcast version of this case study. 


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