New Paradigm Being

The baby you have attracted is likely a big energy being, an old soul, a new-paradigm being. 

If you found my website and are resonating with this blog or podcast, then this is likely the case. And what I know about you and these babies is that even the most advanced and evolved among us is differently organized in our energy body and physical body than these beings will be.

And yet, as their mom, you will be their model and template for incarnation. You and your partner or donor will provide the actual genetic template, and then if you are going to conceive and carry a child in your body, you are providing the model for how a human being incarnates.

Can you see the potential gap here? They are coming in trying to figure out how to smush their huge energy and range of frequency and energetic pattern into a body with a template that is gorgeous (you) but isn’t quite a match from an evolutionary perspective. What do they do to bridge this and co-create with you? What do you need to do, if anything?

You may not need to do anything differently for your child to arrive safely into his or her life. Even so, it’s helpful to them for you to integrate as much of your own soul’s light as you can before you conceive, as well as throughout your pregnancy.

Your body as a temple.

What I am suggesting is akin to the notion often found in religious text and ideology that the body is a temple. Your body is the earthly structure that holds a focus for your soul to experience life here on earth. It is a temple for the Divine that you are. Your body is your sovereign divine right, and you can treat it how you wish. Only you are impacted by this. Until you invite a soul to incarnate through you.

Your body is also a welcoming home and port of entry for your child. How your child’s spirit bonds and relates to an earthly body is informed by the way you bond and relate to yours.

One of your first acts of mothering includes making conscious choices about your temple.  Think about your physical, emotional and mental bodies as a vehicle for your soul to experience life. This is the model and template that you will offer your child.

Blending with your child’s soul.

A lot of women report a feeling of connection, expansion, easier access to their own knowing, guidance, sense of themselves as a soul or spiritual being when they are pregnant. When you are blended with a being who is coming from spirit into a body, you have an expanded aura or energy body and an enhanced connection with these aspects of them and of you.

You are reaching more consciously the dimensions beyond the body while your child is infusing his or her spirit and soul into matter, into their mental, emotional and physical bodies. You have more access to the soul realms and they are beginning to have access to the physical realm.

Before conception, they may actively participate in choosing how their body will be formed through DNA selection and later in utero through DNA activation and expression.  They may influence some of the ways your physical, emotional and mental systems are functioning prior to conception as well. As they make their way to you, they will imprint onto how you organize your own matter and have chosen you in part because of what you offer, your genetic lineage as well as the soul relationship and connection you may share with your child.

Preparing to Receive

Is there anything you need to do to prepare, at any level, to receive and welcome your child?

Take a moment, close your eyes and ask yourself this question. Trust the answer that comes. It could be “yes” or “no” or “eat more broccoli” or ?? anything goes.

If it’s yes, be curious and open to what that means. It could be a subtle or more substantial shift you are wanting or needing to create.

For you this could mean that all you need to do is set your intention and ask your soul to help you do this. Voila. And this will happen organically, gradually for you.

Yes could mean that you will re-evaluate your life to date and release the things that no longer match, take a bold leap into some unknowns based on your intuition or strong knowing about what’s next for you.

It could mean that it’s time to dive deeply into some areas that you have avoided or haven’t had the time, energy or support to fully look at. Things like old injuries, physical or emotional trauma, life choices, things unseen, yet unloved within you.

Becoming a mom, an initiation

You are not only stepping into a big initiation into a completely new phase of life as a woman – becoming a mother – you are also entering into a contract with another sentient being who wants to have an experience on earth. Is there anything in you or between you that is asking you to let go, grow, become more of your authentic self as part of this contract? Is there anything for you to align inside of yourself so that your temple is ready to welcome and receive your child?

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