What’s blocking your conception?

Not all blocks to creating a family and to your conception are physical.

If the reason you aren’t getting pregnant isn’t physical, then what else could it be?

In my experience, there is a host of other reasons your fertility journey may be a curved rather than straight path and that is essentially the focus of this whole website, podcast and blog. 🙂 Let’s look at one possibility in today’s post. On the difficulty scale in my practice, this is on the easy side. Even so, it’s exactly what some of my clients need. I have seen this more than once.

A woman or couple comes with an unconscious internal conflict. Once that conflict is resolved, she conceives. This is so simple, and if this is all that’s in the way, consider yourself quite lucky!

Our minds and subconscious are incredibly powerful. And in some cases, a simple awareness and alignment can be all you need to create the opening your system needs to become pregnant.

What kind of conflict could this be? Some examples:

  • I don’t have enough money to support a child
  • I need to develop my career more
  • I don’t own a home
  • My partner is not here yet
  • My body does not feel safe, I am afraid to experience pregnancy or give birth
  • I think I am too old
  • My family is not supportive of my having a child on my own
  • My family is not supportive of my choice of partner
  • I keep attracting the wrong men

Oftentimes we as women have a fairy tale idea of what our family is supposed to look like and where we are supposed to be in our lives when we start having kids. If our internal vision and external vision are a close enough match, our system feels safe and we are congruent about having a child. All systems are go.

Could it really come down to something so simple?

Yes. In my experience. It may not be the most common reason that women seek my help, but I have seen it. I remember having coffee with a friend who became a client. I could see a misalignment in her energy field between her head and her heart. All we had to do was get her head and her heart in alignment and she got pregnant and had a healthy baby girl. She had been trying for over a year up to that point. For her it was a simple shift.

See if you can identify any fears or beliefs that may be influencing your body’s ability to open to receive. See if you can let go and surrender, trusting that if now is your time, if this baby you perceive is choosing you and wants to come now, and mostly you are ready, that everything will work out. Trust your strong desire to have a child, let nature lead and trust that your body knows what to do.

Support your system with the following core process:

Claiming Motherhood: Fertility and Resonance


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