What are ghost babies?

Would you believe that when you have a miscarriage or abortion, sometimes the soul of the baby lingers?  It can get stuck. Some people call these ghost babies. Ghost babies can interfere with your ability to carry a subsequent pregnancy to term. The good news is, they can transition into the light and rejoin their own soul and source energy.  You can release them and your womb can be ready for a new incoming soul (or perhaps the same one returning, integrated and whole).

Why do ghost babies exist?

It’s not clear to me yet why the soul gets stuck in this way. One possibility is that the emotional, mental, physical trauma a woman experiences when she loses a pregnancy is the driving influence.  Do her strong emotions of shock, guilt, devastating sadness or attachment along with the physical pain and shock to her physical body influence the soul’s ability to transition? As I write, my guides are saying “yes” and so it seems that this is at least one reason this happens.

Another possibility is that the incoming soul isn’t rooted enough or skilled enough yet at navigating the physical that the change is confusing. Because I believe and experience that all pregnancies are a co-creation, I don’t believe that the soul is surprised that the pregnancy is ending. But it could be that the little developing human who hasn’t quite landed yet experiences shock and that causes confusion. My guides are saying, “sort of” or “it’s something like this.” A topic worthy of future exploration!

What I do know is that for whatever reason, sometimes these souls get stuck. It’s like when an adult who dies a traumatic death is disoriented and unable to go to the light. The soul can be stuck for a very long time and need help remembering who and where it is. He or she might not even realize they are dead. This soul needs help going to the light, and providing that is much easier than it sounds.

What can you do?

You can do a releasing ritual, you can energetically clear your womb (our clearing your womb and ovaries is one such process), you can talk to the baby’s soul, call in angels and help it go to the light. You can pray in a way that you know, from your own spiritual tradition. You can call in Archangel Michael and ask him to help your baby’s soul to go to the light. As you do this, fill your body with love and gratitude and intend to release and let go.

Decide to clear your womb and release the soul or souls with love. Help them transition and allow yourself to heal and move on.

If you have one or more of these souls with you, know that you did nothing wrong. This is normal, just not widely known or discussed. It is my intention that this information reaches you in perfect divine timing. May it validate, liberate and empower you. With love.

Additional Resources

If you are experiencing miscarriages, this is not the only reason they may be happening. Make sure to listen to our podcast episode The Strategy of Miscarriage. It contains information the babies gave me when they first showed up asking for my help. It may be important for your journey.

Let yourself grieve. There are many resources you are likely aware of and one from me is Melt Away Your Sadness. This has helped people with grief and letting go.

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