You are entering the transition to motherhood. Maybe you are pregnant already, maybe you can feel your baby coming closer and your whole system is organizing to prepare. You are becoming something new.

This potential has always been alive in your core, it is not separate from you and yet it feels new. A part of you feels confident and secure. Full of excitement and hope. You know what to do. You are in love with this baby spirit, perhaps with your partner, you are full of aliveness, ready.

And yet a part of you may feel timid. How can you take this journey that you haven’t taken before? How can you know what to do?

Your intuition is becoming even clearer and stronger than before, and you realize that regardless of what anyone tells you, this journey must be guided by your own knowing and inner authority.

Imagine that from this place deep inside you, your tender heart and belly, your readiness, your vulnerability, you sense an invitation. In your diving deep into your own core and saying yes to this child, you have been given a key to a sacred temple.

Your heart opens and you allow yourself to be drawn to this temple.  When you are at the threshold, you feel a nurturing warmth and irresistible welcome. Richness beckons you as you melt into this space of richness that, although new to you, feels like home. Your whole being relaxes as you are enveloped by this Grace.

You find yourself stretched out on a plush lounge. You look at your body and notice you are clothed in luxurious, colorful soft silks, robes that exquisitely caress your skin. And there are the most beautiful goddesses now, emanating love and acceptance. They are rubbing your feet. They are anointing your skin with fragrant oils. They are feeding you, respectfully holding you, singing to you, being with you in the ways that you need.

These goddesses know about motherhood. They know about birthing. They are the embodiment of divine mothering, of sacred fertility, birth and mothering. Simply being in their presence helps you to make this transition, to become this new being that you are allowing to emerge from within.

These goddesses are here for you whenever you need them. You can luxuriate here as long as you like. You can come and go. It is their ultimate pleasure and purpose to serve you in this way. They love you. They are love.

Like a seed waiting for spring so that it can begin to open, unfurl and become, inside you is the seed of Divine Mothering.   You need the best nutrients, sunshine, and water to help you take root and blossom as you become a mother. This ripening in you is a great orchestration. You are at the center of a coalescence together of souls and an alchemy of the body, heart, mind and spirit.

In my experience, this temple is real. In private sessions my clients and I often journey to this temple. And once you have been there it is yours and you can find these goddesses of fertility, mothering, birthing whenever you need nurturing and to reconnect with your own knowing about being a mother.

You can call these goddesses to you. They are available at all times and you can ask for them to surround you any time. You can simply walk through this post and see how you feel, if you feel connected. In the description of our product Acclimating to Your Baby’s Energy Signature I call these beings Birth Angels. In that meditation, you are guided to connect with them should you choose to do so.

As I write this for you today I am encompassed by the energy, love and tones of this temple and it feels amazing. I wish that support and love for you and for your child. If you connect with this, please let me know. Share your experiences in the comments if you are comfortable. Thank you and bless you on your journey.


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