Letting Love flow. New paradigm Love and social networks. Re-configuring your love paradigm.

You have an unprecedented opportunity on Earth NOW to move from relating from the solar plexus to relating from the heart and beyond. What does this mean?

It is not an intellectual pursuit, it is an essential shift in the way you are organized.

I repeat: this is not an intellectual pursuit. For many of you this is the hardest part because your mind wants to be in charge and depending on how you’ve been getting by thus far, will rebel and try to gain control of your evolutionary process, resisting, needing to control.

That won’t work and will just get in your way.

But how do you transcend this well-worn pattern and way of relating to the world?

It is about releasing resistance and the rapture of surrender, allowing loving connection. It’s about falling in love. Joining the new paradigm. Letting love flow. Self-love and unconditional love of others. Steadiness no matter what.

For Oshira and me, this is one of the key shifts we’ve been assisting folks with for years. One of my teachers, Sanaya Roman wrote a book called Soul Love with her guide, Orin, which I recommend highly, containing processes for this shift. Do you know it? Consider getting it if you don’t have it already. All of her books are great and can be read a page at a time, out of sequence for most of them. Soul Love you might want to read in order.

In my understanding, when we connect at the level of the solar plexus, we are engaging a dynamic of limitation and lack. There is only so much energy in your body and physical system, and if you try to get your needs met by the available resources of someone else’s body and personality level, you are going to come up short. One of you will always be getting more. There is a finite amount and there will be struggle. You might average a 50-50 balance of power and energy exchange but this is rare. It’s more likely you will have conflict and drama, and if the other person decides to give some of his or her energy to someone else, it may easily cause anxiety and jealousy.

We believe this is the root of all war, crime and most suffering. It is unconsciously done. It is the way you learned to connect from your parents and ancestors. And it is changing.

You are your own Source. Mystics have always believed the God or Goddess lies within, and while this blog is not religious, I admit that it does touch on religious themes and realize this may challenge your beliefs in some very important way. I respect your beliefs, and ask that you keep them as long as they are serving you.

Imagine that instead of needing to feed off of the energy of others, as you do in the womb receiving nourishment through the umbilical cord from your mother, that you have a direct line of nourishment from both the body of the Earth and also the continuum of your own consciousness, a direct line of heavenly elixir into your system at all times.

Imagine that you have unlimited energy available to you and you can rejuvenate and restore yourself with this energy, and you can meet your own needs for love and connection through these streams of connection.

This is actually the way we are moving as a species.

What about connecting with other people?

Will we still do this?


But instead of plugging in and expecting needs to be met from your friends, family and lovers, you will connect at the level of the heart. The heart has multi-dimensional levels of connection that are possible, and when you connect with another being this way, love flows. When all your needs are truly met, and you are connected heart-to-heart, there is only love. Conflicts dissolve. Fear dissolves.

In my experience so far, and I consider myself to be amphibious—that I am, you are, we are bridging an evolutionary shift. This shift is significant like when water dwelling beings morphed into land dwelling and air breathing. We are tadpoles.

You may still have fear, sadness, anger or pain. You may get caught in eddies of these feelings when you are sick or in deep healing phases. As a tadpole, however, you allow yourself to be and be loved in this place. Most of the time, these feelings flow. You and your friends are able to be present with each other in full acceptance and just hold space while we ride the waves of deep healing or deep rupture break you open and fill you with grief, anger or other strong feelings. You are present to hormones moving through your biological system and other experiences moving through you.

You focus on the higher light and love of the other. You let others focus on this within you, embracing all that is about being human. Loving, seeing, allowing love in, allowing all of yourself to be seen.

So it’s not as though it’s all rainbows and unicorns, but rather that the conflicts or sticking points, projection and blame that in the past may have defined human intimate relationships don’t stand much of a chance when pure Love is flowing.

In the new paradigm, each of us is free to be more fully ourselves, to let go of wearing hats that are not our purpose to wear. We become experts in what we are good at, what we love to do.

We step into our Purpose and allow others to be different, to step into theirs. As we connect in this gridwork of light with energy flowing, all of our needs are met as a society, as community, as family, as couple.

The children that we work with are of this new paradigm. They are coming in with this gridwork set up already in their brains and genetics and soul imprints. As they begin to connect with you they can stir up the dramas and conflicts and wounds that may still exist in you simply because of the light and resonance they hold.

If you can imagine a tuning fork, something that is beaming a steady signal –the lower energies melt, dissolve and give way to the more refined energy. This is how healing happens, how growth happens.

And these kids simply ARE this higher resonance. If you hope to conceive you’ll be well served to allow your own healing and evolution to occur. You will be served to release your resistance to the process and to come into vibrational resonance, taking your rightful place in the new paradigm gridwork.

One of the keys to this is embracing. I work with many clients who come and want a certain pattern or part of themselves to be “gone.” They want to cut it out. But it does not work this way.

You must encompass and embrace all of yourself. You must wrap yourself in unconditional love. You must include in your awareness the icky parts you want “gone” and also include in your awareness this higher light, this finer vibration. When you hold both in your awareness, the lesser vibration will begin to open, shift and move.

A note about not having a mate…

If you are a man or woman who desperately wants a child but does not yet have a mate, you may need to focus here, on yourself, to create this shift before either will manifest.

I find in many of my clients that there has been an unconscious part of them actively avoiding marriage and partnership until this shift is created, because there is a deep wisdom, a knowing that there is a way they are meant to be in a partnership or marriage they haven’t achieved yet.

Their soul is waiting for the personality’s readiness to allow this shift to soul embodiment and Divine Self embodiment before the partner called in. It can be that your partner will begin to rise and activate his own shift once you start this process.

Your partner may not even be able to see you until you make this shift. And for many children, the container created by this kind of love and freedom is essential for them to come in with their fullness, their full power and all circuits set up.

What needs to happen in you to surrender to this shift that is moving from not only within you, but also within our species?

If you accept this premise, then you can also see how there is a powerful wave of support for you to find it. You simply have to trust and allow yourself to join this flow and let the unraveling happen organically. For some this is easier said that done. But it is possible for all.

 Resources for you: 

Sanaya Roman Soul Love

Mend Your Heart, Open to Love

Receive Your Beloved, Prepare for Divine Partnership in the Singles Album (or search for a video of it in this blog)!

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