Q/A Do my babies want to come in a particular birth order?

This morning I received a question from a reader having to do with birth order that you may also be curious about.

She wrote:

I listened to all your podcasts and the call MP3 and did the meditation. During the meditation I felt like 3 little blue lights were hovering around me and they were two together and one separate one. I felt like they are twins and a single. I felt a lot of love and gratitude.

I felt like they were wanting to know who should be first like if I had a preference. And I kind of said in my head to them I don’t have a preference. I thought it was interesting because my husband only wants two children. But I’ve never felt like a particular number was right or wrong.

I told them we loved them and that their sister will love them so much and that she’s just so lovely and we can’t wait to have them in our family. And it was very emotional and I shed a few tears. And it felt beautiful at the time and special but now writing this I feel weird about it. Like maybe it was me just imagining what I want. Like I said earlier I’ve read sprit babies and that book talks about the blue lights as do you on the podcasts. So maybe I just made up what I wanted to hear. I’ve always felt this connection to having twins. So maybe that’s why I came up with this. 

My question is how do I know that my experiences are real and not just my imagination projecting ideas into my mind?

My reply:

Thank you for your note! Your experience is gorgeous, so rich and clear. You are really connected, congratulations. 

This is a common question, you aren’t alone. Often when we are using our imagination as a sense, which is real, we can wonder if it’s “real”.


With regard to birth order, I see this a lot, too, that the baby souls are figuring out who comes first. Sometimes they are adamant about order, and other times they are still working it out. 

One reason in your case may be—let’s say the twins want to come first. And your husband only wants two. Will you be able to have the single? They might be wondering about that. So you might talk with your husband about it and see. Share your experience and your heart’s desire.  

 If the single comes first, you will have the desire for a second and the twins can come in. Does that make sense? It sounds like they all want to come and are just figuring out how to do it, and probably the twins want to come first but are trying to figure out if it leaves the third out of the equation.

The fact that they are revealing this to you means they want to co-create and aren’t manipulating. My two cents.

Happy Holidays,


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