In the years 2011-2014, I ran several programs. In one of them, students took turns asking any question they wanted of the guides, and some of these meditations come from that–Elven Magic and Beauty, Cellular Facial Regeneration come out of that program. Also in this time frame, I traveled as far as Australia offering small workshops where I recorded guided meditations on a wide range of topics. This collection includes some that I consider timeless.

All of these transmissions are able to reach the levels of your soul and beyond. Some folks report that listening to these mp3s helps them feel centered, helps them fall asleep, helps them regulate their anxiety.

People have called the Boundaries, Discernment, Becoming Source meditation an entire master class in one little mp3. Melt Away Your Sadness has helped people soothe deep grief, or move out of the dumps to neutral, and Becoming Joy then takes them to a feeling-good place. One of my personal favorites is Elven Magic. 🙂 And people have reported a noticeable difference in their skin after the Beauty and Cellular Regeneration meditation.

Whatever you are drawn to explore, open to receive and approach them with an open mind. You will receive the most from them if you lie down and open to receive. They contain transmissions that can alter your state of consciousness, and so driving or chopping vegetables while you listen is not appropriate. It counts to nap or put them on and fall asleep. They will work on your subconscious while you sleep or drift. If you are doing other things, your regular active mind will likely be your dominant experience and you will miss out on the magic and opportunity of these transmissions. Don’t bother. If you can put them on and receive, take a bath, take a nap, or sit in your favorite, comfy chair, then go for it.

My gift to you.

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