Connect consciously with the soul of your child before you conceive.
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Pre-Conception Starter Set  $12.50

4 – 20 to 30 Minute Guided Meditations

  • Welcoming Your Child Pre-Conception Journey
  • Alchemy of Conception
  • Being in Collaboration…and
  • Divine Mothering

Welcoming Your Child Pre-Conception Journey…For these beings are beings of free will. This note and this tone of freedom that they are bringing with them, that is part of their gift to you and part of their lesson with you, which you will then have an opportunity, once they are here, to receive and navigate and dance with joy, or with struggle, but we think you’re going to choose joy—that this note of their connection with you, these early phases of the connection with you before they are embodied, before you have conceived them even, is this relational dance of, “I am offering you this opportunity and would you like to accept?…

Alchemy of Conception…And so here, in this powerful choice to create a life, you have the opportunity to go back, weaving back through the generational karma, untying, unraveling, erasing some of these tethers, these anchors, and the ways that you tied beliefs to your structures and to yourselves. You have the opportunity to go back and untie that which would hold you down and block the way, disconnect you from your true source. Your true nature is the knowing beautiful animal connected to earth and the beautiful free spirit that inhabits that free abundant animal and the way that those aspects of you flow and navigate in this earth plane…

Being in Collaboration…when you connect in this way you can create very powerful manifestations and creations and you can learn to create and collaborate in a way that maintains the integrity of your own system where you can feel free to express yourself and safe and alive and aligned…

Divine Mothering…As three guides approach you, you could imagine, a being embodying the energy and tone of divine mother approaching you now, walking toward you and standing before you and she has a gift for you in her hands. Perhaps it is a basket of flowers, or a cup of golden liquid, or something else that you imagine and receive. Just allowing yourself now to perceive this and to open your heart perhaps receiving it in your hands, or your heart, and allowing this gift to, impact you; allowing it to, come into you, receiving the gift, as if it is moving in waves and rhythms through your system…

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Being in Collaboration
Pre-Conception Starter Set

Pre-Conception Starter Set

4 powerful meditation journeys to assist you on your path of conscious parenting, on sale for a limited time.

You will receive Divine Mothering, Alchemy of Conception, Welcoming Your Child Pre-Conception Journey and Being in Collaboration